Why A Scorpio Man Pulls Away – and What To Do To Make Him Want You

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Last Updated on May 26, 2021

a couple holding hands over the tableIf you’ve noticed that your Scorpio Man withdraws from you then there may be a few reasons why this is happening.

Sometimes he may seem distant if he has things on his mind or if there’s a lot going on at work.

However, when it comes to a Scorp there’s usually more going on beneath the surface that he’s not telling you.

He’s an emotional and complex creature. He wants to be in a relationship with a woman with whom he can experience a deep, emotional connection, who he can trust, and who can also appeal to his strong sexual desires.

If you’ve noticed your Scorpio man is suddenly distant, then he may be having second thoughts.

Unfortunately, Scorpio men leave it right until the last minute before they open up about their feelings. Often, when it’s too late.

Only if he were to open up sooner, then a simple conversation may resolve his indecisiveness and lead to a deeper connection.

However, he also doesn’t like to be confronted directly about his feelings when he’s not ready to talk.

In this case, text messages can work well to let him know you still care.

Relationship expert, Amy North understands the psychological processes that drive men’s emotions and desires.

She has crafted a set of text messages based on psychological principles that can spark a man’s emotions and feelings of love, no matter how distant he is.

If you feel that her method may help you then you can find out more about the exact text messages she uses here.

In the rest of this article, I will share with you the five main reasons why Scorpio man pulls away.

Top 5 Reasons Why Scorpio Man Withdraws From You

He is hurt

Scorpio men are considered to have highly sensitive emotions, and they tend to get hurt easily. Having said that, your Scorpio boyfriend will normally isolate himself if he feels hurt, wounded, scorned, or overly criticized.

A Scorpio man may suddenly become distant if his feelings are hurt, or if he feels wronged in some way. This may also become a reason later why he breaks up with you. This may also become a reason later why he breaks up with you.

If this is the case then he may either indulge in a bitter exchange with you or choose to withdraw so that he can silently deal with his emotional outbursts.

Scorpio men are known to have a problem verbalizing their feelings. So, if you hurt your Scorpio man, he will detach himself so that he can protect himself from extensive feelings of humiliation and hurt.

If you are in a situation where your Scorpio man is pulling away from you then it is imperative that you learn exactly what makes a Scorpio guy tick if you want to keep him.

To be able to read a Scorpio man like an open book and get him to open up to you and share his innermost feelings with you, read my article here.

He’s not that serious

Scorpio men are known to be very secretive and they hardly open up about their feelings unless it is absolutely necessary.

He is likely not to share his feelings unless he completely trusts the lady in his life.

So, your Scorpio guy may disengage if he is not interested in you, and he may not have the guts to have a conversation with you regarding what he thinks about the relationship, or where it is going.

To be able to get him to open up completely to you, read my article on Scorpio Men Secrets which includes Sextrology here.

What’s more, Scorpio men are known to be highly selective when choosing their mates, and he may ignore you if he perceives you as someone who does not have the qualities he is looking for.

To gain more insight into this, read my article on the kind of women that Scorpio men are attracted to.

You want more from the relationship than he does

a Scorpio man distant after intimacyA Scorpio guy is likely to make a choice to get out of your life or withdraw when he realizes that you want to have a deep relationship with him when he is yet to make up his mind about you.

A Scorpio man always wants to take his time to get to know a woman before he can make her his girlfriend or a life partner.

So, a Scorp guy will ignore you if he realizes you are pushing him to be in a relationship with you when he doesn’t feel ready.

In addition, he tends to detach himself if he does not want to be trapped in a relationship he is not sure about.

So, the logical and independent Scorpio guy is likely to detach himself from the relationship without talking to you about it because he does not want to lose his independence and sense of control.

If a Scorpio man suddenly withdraws, it is a suggestion that he is not ready to have a deeper relationship with you yet.

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You’re too needy or clingy

Scorpio men are known to become attracted to women who have the ability to be responsible for their own life.

So, your Scorpio guy is likely to pull away if he perceives you as a clingy and needy woman who wants to be where he is all the time or a woman who cannot be without him.

He may withdraw if he realizes that you keep changing your plans for him, or when he realizes that you consistently try to impress him, or agree with him on just about everything he says for fear of losing him.

There are certainly many other ways in which your behavior could suffocate your Scorpio partner and make him detach himself, and it is important that you learn how to create a balance in your life in order to stop pushing him away.

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He thinks you’re insincere

A Scorpio man is fiercely loyal, highly intuitive, and also sometimes paranoid and insecure.

So, he will not have a relationship with a woman he cannot trust. It is important to note that it takes a while to earn a Scorp’s trust, and it can take just seconds to lose it.

If a Scorpio senses you are playing games with him, he is likely to disappear from your life without warning.

A Scorpio man is likely to disengage if he senses danger because he hates feeling vulnerable. He is also not very good at compromising and he tends to sting very hard when he is betrayed. You are likely to never see a Scorpio guy again if you betray him.

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Why Is a Scorpio Man Distant After Intimacy?

If you’ve noticed that he seems into you one minute but then goes cold the next there may be more that is going on in his mind.

So, why is a Scorpio man distant after intimacy? The short answer is, there could be several reasons why he is being distant.

Often, guys, in general, slip into a deeply relaxed state after sex, which can often lead them to fall asleep.

Most women take offense to this as they want to cuddle or talk after sex. For guys, once he has ejaculated, he slips into a state of utopia and wants to bask in that realm for a while.

This is totally normal for guys and it does not mean that he is disregarding you. It’s actually a compliment because you have helped him to reach such a deeply profound state.

On the other hand, if Scorpio man is distant after intimacy in a dismissive, inconsiderate, or even rude way then he’s probably using you for one thing only.

If you discover that this is, in fact, the case then it is a good idea to leave him before he causes you any more hurt.

Final Thoughts

It can be very frustrating when you notice your Scorpio man pulling away, especially if the two of you were starting to get really close.

If he’s become distant and has been ignoring your calls and taking you for granted, the best you can do is to be patient and give him some space until the two of you can have a conversation.

Your patience is important because it will enable him to think things over and give him the space he needs to open up and talk.

If you need to connect with him right away then it may help to send him a few texts based on psychological principles. Even if he’s not replying to you, he will certainly be reading your texts.

The right message may get through his defenses and get him to open up. You can find out about Amy North’s psychological text messages here.

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