How To Get A Scorpio Man To Commit To You Easily

a man offering flowers to his girlfriend to show his love and commitment

a man offering flowers to his girlfriend to show his love and commitmentScorpio men are by far the most passionate of all other men in the zodiac. This is due to their deep emotional nature and high sex drive. They can be mysterious and composed on the surface, but beneath that cool exterior bubbles a steamy cauldron of passion he is keeping for that special lady. Due to their emotional nature, Scorpio men are most happy in a committed relationship.

Once he feels you are the one it is unlikely he will have eyes for anyone else if you are meeting all his needs. However, due to the mysterious nature of the Scorpio, it is often very difficult, if not impossible for the woman in his life to know what his unique needs are and if they’re being met unless she has some inside knowledge on the psyche of the Scorpio guy. This is really critical if you’re serious about getting your Scorpio man to commit to you and making sure he stays committed for the long-term. By far, the most accurate and detailed resource on everything related to the Scorpio man personality in relationships from how to make yourself more attractive to him, how to get him to fall in love with you, how to satisfy him in bed and how to make him commit to you for the long term is the controversial but highly effective Scorpio Man Secrets guide. Read our review on this powerful and revealing guide here.

So, without further ado, here are five key tips you can use to start to get him to think about you as a serious commodity and want to commit to you for the long-term.

Getting Him To Commit In Five Steps

Show him your confident side

Nothing is as appealing to a Scorpio mas as a woman who understands exactly what she needs and is not afraid to ask. Show him that you are an independent woman since this will definitely capture his eye and speak to his heart.

Scorpio men don’t want clingy women who are either too demanding or don’t know how to fend for themselves. If a commitment is what you are after then show him with your actions that you are worthy of it with your confidence.

Scorpio men can be very seductive and therefore, often appreciate, respect and enjoy a woman who is able to seduce him too. See our tips on how to seduce him here.

Appeal to his ego

Scorpio men, for the most part, know they’ve got it going on. They are aware of their sex appeal and the effect they can have on women. They often also have one or two things that they are extremely good at, which also gives them a heightened sense of confidence.

Despite these gifts, the Scorpio male can sometimes (not always) feel insecure and need a little reassurance from the special lady in his life. Therefore, you will do very well to give his ego a little massage from time to time. You don’t need to kiss his ass, but letting him know that you see and appreciate the unique things about him will definitely go down well.

Conversely, be careful not to criticise him too much. Of course, if there is something that is really bothering you then you need to talk to him about it. Just don’t be too critical of him and his actions and don’t be a nag, Scorpio guys hate this. A Scorpio man requires positive reinforcement if you are able to provide it then he will most likely reward you for it in many wonderful ways.

Let him have some of the good ideas

a couple in loveScorpio men definitely have some excellent ideas, but like all people, some are perhaps not so great. A great trick you can use with a Scorpio to help boost his ego is to let him think your awesome idea was his. Plant the idea into his mind somehow so that he believes that it was originally his. Doing this will also make it much more likely that he will be ready and willing to act on something that was actually your idea, so this way you can get him to do what you want. To do this, however, you should be ready to let go of your ego. Use the same tactic when it comes to getting him to commit.

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Prove you are worthy of commitment

Scorpio men spend a great deal of time considering a lover when they are getting to know them and are constantly checking in with their feelings to measure how they really feel about the lady in question.

BIG COMMITMENT TIP: For Scorpio guys, it’s all about the feelings. This is due to their deep emotional nature and highly intuitive capability. Therefore, they make most of their decisions based on their intuition and feeling. If you can get a Scorpio guy to ‘feel’ in his hear that you are the one then he will be yours. To find out exactly how to do this, check out renowned astrologer and Scorpio expert, Anna Kovach’s controversial ‘Scorpio Man Secrets’ here.

So, when he is checking in with his feelings, he needs proof that you will be caring, reliable, tender, sensual and adventurous in the bedroom if he is to commit to you. He also has to see that you are independent and have a good level of intellectual too. Entice him by showing all that you have to offer so that his committing to you becomes more appealing to him and something he really wants to do. Using tricks to get him to commit will be short-lived as the intuitive Scorpio will soon see through them. If he sees that you can be an amazing mother, wife, or partner, then he will be more likely to find a commitment to you an attractive prospect.

Discover the exact ways you can show him that you are the one. Get him to feel that he absolutely must be with you and make you his with the secrets revealed in this book. See our rating and overview here.

Trust and honesty is a must for the Scorpio

Honesty and trustworthiness are very important personality traits to a Scorpio man. For him to be secure with somebody, he needs to know that she will always tell the truth and feel that he can trust her with his deepest, darkest secrets; and yes, if you can get a Scorpio man to commit to you then in time he will be revealing all this to you, but not before.

Respect definitely goes a long way when it comes to Scorpio men, and they want to be treated with utmost adoration and respect. If you are able to show this to your Scorpio man as well as the other things mentioned in this article then he will commit to you.

Trust, honesty and respect are absolutely must have values in a relationship for a Scorpio. If you can get him feeling this then he is a lot closer to actually falling in love with you. If you’re also wanting to go to this level and get him to fall in love with you then see our article here on getting him to fall in love.


It can be hard to get a Scorpio man to commit to you if you do not know and understand his unique needs based on his personality type. However, with the right information, it is not so hard. These tips will certainly help get you started in the right direction when getting him to commit, but if you are serious about getting a commitment from him, if you want to take all the guesswork out of it so you can move things along so much faster and if you don’t want to run the risk of messing things up with him in the process then get all the expert advice you will ever need on the Scorpio male here.

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