Venus In Scorpio Man in Love – 10 Essential Tips To Win Him

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Last Updated on December 23, 2021

a Venus in Scorpio man with his woman

The Venus in Scorpio man is known to be a very intense and passionate character, especially when it comes to love. He is both powerful and deeply emotional.

The planet Venus is the ruler of prosperity, beauty, and love, while the zodiac sign of Scorpio is identified with passion, seduction, deep emotions, and possessiveness, to name but a few.

From this unique combination, we can understand why Venus in Scorpio is the sex siren, the mysterious brooding heartthrob.

Here in this article, I will go into more detail about the different aspects of this kind of guy when it comes to love and relationships.

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Venus in Scorpio Man Characteristics – The Good & Bad

Like any sign, there are both good and bad traits of Venus in Scorpio, too.

Some traits are extremely positive and will contribute to a healthy relationship, while others can present more challenges to be overcome.

Being aware of these “good and bad” characteristics can help you to navigate the tricky times, and enhance the beautiful moments in your relationship.

Positive Traits of Venus Scorpio Man


He is a very passionate guy with a tremendous amount of drive and enthusiasm. This can be reflected in both his career and his love life.

If he is passionate about his career then the chances are he’s highly successful.

When in a relationship, if you can get him to fall in love with you then he’ll direct his passion towards you with intensity. You can find out more about how to get him to fall in love with you here.


Venus in Scorpio guy is the master of seduction. This mysterious lover is said to be capable of arousing you simply with his gaze.

Besides this, he will have a natural repertoire of seduction methods in his arsenal that is second nature.


He is free-spirited and lives in the moment. He has an intense focus on what he wants.

While this certainly can be a good thing when it comes to getting what he wants, in a relationship some partners can find him a little too intense if this quality is not kept in check.

Focused and attentive

Venus Scorps are very attentive to the needs of others. You will find that he is completely focused on you in your conversations and wants to understand the depths of your soul. In love, they put the needs of their partners first.

Negative Traits of Venus in Scorpio Man

Controlling and Possessive

Venus in Scorpio men wants to have a woman all to themselves, which can bring out a jealous streak in him.

If he gets too intense then your man may try to control you, and take possession of you in order to deal with his insecurities.


If you wrong your Venus Scorpio lover then forgiveness might not come easily. He never forgets, which means that your man may hold a grudge for a long time, possibly forever depending on the circumstances.


Like all zodiac signs, Scorpio man has a dark side. If you cross the line of a Scorpio man, be prepared for cold-hearted vengeance.

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Venus in Scorpio Man In Love

He’s intense in all aspects

a man and a woman in love

When he falls in love he tends to love with strong intensity. He is loyal, passionate, obsessive, and focused.

A Venus in Scorpio man is very observant and intuitive. He will be able to uncover your every desire.

If your Venus in Scorpio crush falls for you, you can rest assured that you will be the apple of his eye and his entire focus in love. This is because another key trait of Scorpio is loyalty.

Having said that, a Scorpio man with his natal chart in Venus loves so deeply that at times he is unable to find a partner that loves equally deep.

He’s secretive and careful

His love towards you will be intense, but due to his secretive nature, he will not want anyone to know of his undying love for you until the two of you are officially an item.

He does not kiss and tells so your intimate secrets will be safe with him.

He loves to take it slow

A man with Venus in Scorpio dislikes casual relationships. He wants a woman who knows how to love him for the long term.

Therefore, your Scorpio Venus may hide his undying love for you in order to find out if the feeling is mutual.

Once he knows his feelings are returned he’ll feel he can trust you. Once he trusts you, he will shower you with intimacy and tenderness.

The Signs that Venus in Scorpio Man is in Love

Devotion and commitment

If he is in love with you then his love will be deep and serious. He will not have any interest in playing around with other women.

If you want to win the love and attention of your Venus Scorpio crush, you must surrender to his whims.

Amazing sex

Scorp’s have a very high sex drive. If he’s in love with you then he’ll want to have sex with you at every opportunity he gets. He will be constantly seducing you and wanting to bring you to intense heights of pleasure.

Scorpio has a voracious sexual appetite and he has a deep yearning to explore all kinds of ways the two of you can give each other pleasure.


He will be extremely faithful to you and he will not flirt with anyone else.

He does not like casual relationships so once he’s made up his mind about you he will want you all to himself. If you meet him on his level then he will be honorable and not want to share himself with anyone else behind your back.

Jealous and Possessive

It’s true the Venus in Scorpio man can be both possessive over his partner and easily aroused by jealousy. However, if he wasn’t serious about you then these feelings would not be so intense in him.

You can find out how to make him fall in love with you here.

Overwhelming passion

Since he is a master of seduction you will find it hard to resist his charms. As the woman in his life, you will likely fall head over heels for him.

When he turns it on his charm, sensuality, tenderness, and deeply passionate nature can be hard to resist.

Jealousy, Mistrust, and Unforgiveness

He has a tendency to be very jealous and somewhat distrustful. This can cause him to be manipulative. If these traits are very strong in him then he may not want you to associate with other men.

If he is betrayed then he can be very unforgiving and even become vengeful. He will not come back and give you another chance if you betray him in love.

Safety and security

When he is single he can be somewhat of a lady’s man. However, when he finds someone he is serious with he will want to settle into a committed, loving, and loyal relationship. This helps him to feel more secure.

How To Make A Venus In Scorpio Man Fall In Love

To make a Venus in Scorpio man fall in love with you, you need to appeal to the qualities and characteristics he finds highly attractive.

However, bear in mind that if these qualities are not authentic in you then he will sense it right away and lose interest.

Venus in Scorpio man is attracted to a person who is very passionate, intelligent, has an air of mystery about them, is confident, open-minded, quick-witted, adventurous, flirtatious, and who has a depth of character.

Sexual intimacy is very important to Venus in Scorpio man. He wants a woman who wants it as much as he does and who also gets off on indulging in the lovemaking that some may consider taboo.

If you can appeal to him on this level then it is more likely he will fall in love with you.

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a man and woman in love

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Venus in Scorpio Man In Relationships

Venus in Scorpio guy is highly compatible with Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces Women who have their natal chart in Mars.

In relationships, Venus in Scorpio is intense, committed, and possessive. He admires sincere and meaningful relationships. Therefore, he prefers to keep his circle of acquaintances small instead of having several superficial relationships, or friendships.

He loves with all his heart and expects the same kind of love and respect from those around him. Venus in Scorpio men tend to be very distrustful, and he will not forgive you if you abuse his trust.

He is likely to be very sensitive and insecure, particularly if he’s had painful experiences in the past. As a result, he’s likely to be very manipulative and controlling, which is a strategy he uses to protect himself.

After a break-up, the jealousy of your Venus in Scorpio guy is likely to be intense if he still wants you.

However, once he gets over you, he will not give the relationship a second thought. In essence, Venus in Scorpio men tend to hold grudges for a long time.

He is generally a very unforgiving character. If you were vicious in the relationship then reconciliation might be impossible.

Having said that, Scorpio men with the planet Venus in their chart do not sugarcoat their relationships. He either loves you or hates you.

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What a Woman Can Expect from Scorpio Venus Relationship

Unconditional love and support

In a relationship, he will be your number one supporter, your cheerleader. He will support you wholeheartedly and be proud of your accomplishments.

On the other hand, he will want you to complement his efforts, but he will not expect you to act as a competitor, or make him feel threatened because he likes taking the dominating role.


He wants to be in a safe and committed relationship. In return, he will offer you the same.


Trust is critical if your romantic relationship is to be successful. It is important that he feels he can truly trust you. He also offers considerable loyalty in return.


He is an affectionate and considerate lover. However, he doesn’t usually like public displays of affection. He will want to keep all that behind closed doors.


Your Venus in Scorpio crush will shower you with respect, and it is important that you make a conscious effort to reciprocate the respect.


He prefers to keep his secrets to himself until he feels close enough to completely open up. It will likely take a bit of time before he completely opens up to you.


He will want you all to himself. So, expect to receive undivided time and attention from your Scorpio lover.

Power Struggles

Power struggles may be an issue because most Venus in Scorpio guys has a tendency to try to control their relationships and their partners.

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a man and woman in bed

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Venus Scorpio Man In Bed – Sex Life & Turn On’s

Highly sexual, intense, and committed

Venus in Scorpio men are famous for their sexual magnetism and seductive prowess. They radiate with sensuality, passion, and charm.

They tend to be very committed and intense in between the sheets. He has an unmatched desire to satisfy his partner completely and goes the extra distance to make sure he’s the best lover his partner has ever had.

Sex with this man will be intimate, intense, passionate, and erotic.

Dominant nature

Your man will often take charge while in between the sheets because of his voracious sexual appetite, and his desire to be in control.

However, for the more daring Venus Scorps, taking the submissive role from time to time, although challenging for him, can be highly erotic.

Loves to explore new ideas

Your Scorpio lover will do just about anything sexually with you if you are up for it. He tends to seek excitement and satisfaction by indulging in full body-pleasures.

He will be very interested to hear about your fantasies and will be open to almost anything as long as trust and respect are still maintained.

Sexual Connection

Although he takes great pleasure in indulging in the physical side of sexual intimacy, that alone is not enough for him.

He has deeply intense emotions bursting to come out. This makes him want to experience a powerful, loving connection with his partner.

Sexual intimacy is one of the primary ways he can experience a connection with his partner. He wants to know that if he initiates sex, you will be sexually available to him most of the time.

One of the most effective ways to create a strong sexual connection with him is through pillow talk.

Studies have shown that when a woman whispers very specific words, like these ones here, in a man’s ear it not only creates a heightened state of sexual arousal, it also makes him see her as more sexually desirable.


Venus in Scorpio guys tends to feel secure with women who take initiative to love them the way that they want.

If you want to boost the sensuality, passion, and contentment of your Scorpio crush, make him feel desirable. Complimenting his sexual prowess is a great place to start.


He loves to have a little mystery in all aspects of his life. He enjoys having a puzzle to solve and engaging in new experiences.

If you can maintain a bit of mystery by surprising him from time to time with something unexpected in the bedroom he will love it.


Venus in Scorpio guys adores confident women. Therefore, exuding confidence in the sack will certainly please him beyond imagination.


If you want sex to happen naturally while in bed with him, adorn yourself in sexy lace or satin lingerie. He particularly likes dark colors.

A woman with a high sex drive

This is a huge turn-on for him. If he feels you’re into sex as much as he is then he will not want to let you go.

Fulfilled fantasies

Venus in Scorpio in bed is fearless and attentive. He will explore your every fantasy and fulfill your every desire. He will also want you to quench his sexual needs and desires in return.

Sexual endurance

Scorpio Men with their natal chart in Venus are famous for their high libido. They always crave sex. Therefore, you can look forward to regular sex and thrilling moments in the bedroom. However, be careful as sex might become very addictive, painful, or even sore.

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Final Thoughts

Venus Scorpio men are famous for their intensity, sexual energy, passion, commitment, possessiveness, mysteriousness, and controlling nature both in their friendships, and romantic relationships.

If you’re dating a Venus in Scorpio man, he wants you to be sexy, confident, trustworthy, and honest about your feelings for him.

Scorpio in Venus can be very insecure and possessive. His love might overwhelm you if you don’t like possessive men. However, the secret of dealing with his possessiveness is to make him feel secure.

If he’s in love with you then you’ll have a committed, loyal, and highly passionate partner. If he’s not all that into you then he may be indifferent or even start taking an interest in other women. Here are some things you can do to get him to fall in love with you, and only you.

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