Understanding Scorpio Men In Love Relationships

an attractive couple looking into each others eyesWhen it comes to understanding  Scorpio men in love, the first important consideration is that no two Scorpio’s will be exactly the same, just with any other zodiac sign.

However, there are distinctive qualities and characteristics that can greatly help your understanding of this mysterious and enigmatic water sign.

For the most part, Scorpio’s are very confident people and have a strong ambition to achieve in life.

Once he’s made up his mind about having something, he will go for it wholeheartedly, including women.

Mature Scorpio’s can have a strong sense of themselves and can also be protective over those who are close to him.

Patience is also another key trait of a Scorpio, although he may feel impatient at times, generally, he knows how to tune into the tides of change and wait for what he wants.

Trust and loyalty are also really important qualities to a Scorpio, which he also takes pride in embodying. If a person has shown loyalty to him in the past then he will be very loyal in return.

However, if you are disloyal to him then do not expect him to be loyal to you.

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Understanding Scorpio Men In Love

Trust in the relationship

Relationships are very important to a Scorpio and when it comes to falling in love and being intimate with someone special then this can be a particularly vulnerable point for him.

He will most likely be guarded over his emotions at first, but once he feels that he can fully trust his partner he will delight in opening up completely and allow himself to be vulnerable with you.

The excitement in the relationship

It is important for him to have an exciting relationship with lots of physical intimacy and affection. On the surface, he may seem cool, calm, and unemotional, but beneath the surface lies a tremendous amount of emotions that can be quite eruptive and expressive, for good or bad.

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His feelings

In a relationship, Scorpio men are usually very kind and considerate lovers with a thoughtful side. When they are with someone they consider to be a long-term or life partner then they also want that person to be their best friend too.

To get to this point though the Scorp needs to feel trust, respect, and commitment from you to match his own feelings that he has from you. These values absolutely need to be there for a Scorpio to commit fully to you. If they are then all will be great.

If you break any of these values with him though then it can be pretty hard, if not impossible to recover from.

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His protective nature

Being with a Scorpio man means you have a solid and trustworthy partner who will also protect and defend you no matter what. The nature of Scorpio is rather extreme. If he’s passionate about you then he will be into you and do anything for you 100%.

If you let him down or deceive him then he will drop you faster than you can blink and he will not look back. There are rarely in-betweens with a Scorpio and he either really likes someone or couldn’t care less.

Final thoughts

Scorpio men absolutely make great lovers and will be passionate about their women 100%. You will have to break through his hard exterior to get to his deep emotions, but once he opens up to you and trusts you he will be the best lover you ever had.

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Scorpio’s are protective, caring, and considerate lovers who also want their woman to be their best friend when in a committed relationship. Be warned though, if you break his trust then there is no going back and he will drop you like yesterday’s news.

Sex and intimacy are also very important to a Scorpio. He is usually a man with a lot of experience and instinctive knowledge and abilities in satisfying his partner. You can find out more about his sexual side here.

A Relationship With A Scorpio Man

Any relationship takes time to evolve and is built on trust and respect.  If you haven’t found what you are looking for in this post, there are lots more by following this link to my Homepage here.

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