Signs a Scorpio Man Wants You Back After a Breakup

a man and a woman about to kiss after a breakup

a man and a woman about to kiss after a breakupRelationships are very unique, and while some couples are able to have a long lasting relationship, others are not as successful.

A relationship fails due to various reasons, which include loss of interest, emotional disconnect, incompatibility, and hurtful experiences such as promiscuity, just to mention, but a few.

Although it is possible to avoid breaking up with your Scorpio man in some of the previously mentioned instances, at times a breakup is extremely inevitable.

Having said that, if you are going through a breakup and you want to know if your ex Scorpio boyfriend would take you back, this article will help you.

In this article, you are going to gain insights on some signs that indicate that your ex boyfriend is making plans to get you back into his life.

When A Scorpio Man Wants You Back After A Breakup


Scorps are known for stalking, and they often do it without batting an eyelid or feeling ashamed. In this era of technology, stalking has been made even easier for everyone. In other words, social media makes it possible for your ex Scorpio boyfriend to secretly keep tabs on you to see what you’re up to.

So, if you want to know if your ex Scorp is interested in you again, there are several things that you will notice, which include stalking you on facebook by liking your pictures, tagging you or commenting on your posts, or adding you back as a friend on social media.

The fact that he is trying to get your attention is certainly a sign that your ex Scorp lover still cares about you, or has feelings for you and may even want you back in his life.

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Random and consistent calls and text messages

Has your ex Scorpio guy been giving you random calls and chatting with you out of the blue? Has he been asking you random questions? Has he done this more than a few times? If your answer is yes, then it is possible that he still loves you and wants you back in his life.

The reason as to why he is asking random questions is to probably find out if you’re still interested in him too. Your ex Scorpio probably also wants to find out if you have moved on or to make peace so that he can have you in his life once again.

In addition, if your ex Scorp has been calling you and suddenly dropping the call after you answer, he probably misses you and wouldn’t mind having you back. What’s more, if he calls you a lot when drunk, or drunk dials you, it’s a sign that you are not yet out of his mind and he wants to reconnect with you.

If you’re still wanting to get back with him then using text messages can be a very powerful way to make him want you back. However, if you do this wrong then you can embarrass yourself and lose him all at once. To make sure you send the exact text messages that will cause him to want to be with you and commit to you and only you, watch this short video by renowned relationship expert, Michael Fiore on exactly what to do and say to get him back with text messages here.

You bump into him often

When your Scorpio ex wants you back, chances are that you will bump into each other in the least expected places such as the gym, local grocery, or even the shopping mall. When you bump into him more than once, it means that he is bumping into you on purpose because he does not want to let you go. He is likely to pull this move when he wants to keep seeing you, but he is not able to ask you to get back into his life directly.

So, if your ex Scorpio guy secretly wants you back, he will keep showing up in places where you are, and make it look like it’s a coincidence or accident.

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a man bumping into his ex girlfriend in the street

He will compliment you a lot

If your ex Scorp boyfriend is complimenting you consistently, and noticing very minor details about you, it’s a sign that he wants to get your attention and win back your heart. So, if he has been telling you he loves how you dress, loves your hairstyle, or acknowledges your achievements since you parted ways, keep an eye on him because he is doing it to try to win you over again.

In addition, do not be surprised if he gives you negative attention such as insulting you. This could also be a sign that he is not yet over you and he wants you back.

He will ask his friends about you

Another way of knowing whether your ex Scorpio wants you back is when he keeps wanting to know how you are doing by asking mutual friends or even your very close friends about you.

So, if your friends have been giving you feedback regarding his inquisitive behavior, it is a sure sign that your ex Scorp boyfriend still cares about you and has plans of getting you back into his life.

What’s more, another reason why he is asking your friends about you is because he wants you to know that he is snooping on you, or that he cares. His greatest agenda is to get you to call him once you find out that he is trying to get information about you.

If you want him back too, rather than call him, the best thing to do would be to send him a simple but strategic text message. To get the exact text messages you need to send him to get him back, go here now.

He acts Jealous

The fact that your ex Scorpio man is jealous means that he still has not forgotten you. Scorpio men are known to be very secretive about their feelings, and this trait can make him jealous whenever he sees you with another man more so because he is not able to express his undying love for you.

In addition, the jealousy is a sign that your ex Scorp boyfriend does not want you to move on because he wants to make sure that he gets a chance to get back to you.

What’s more, when your jealous ex Scorp wants you back, he will text or call you insistently whenever he knows or sees you hanging out with your friends. This may also happen when he suspects that you are in a new relationship.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that at times it may be difficult to understand why your ex Scorpio is behaving in certain ways, but if he behaves in one of the above ways, it is because he still has your best interest at heart and wants to get back with you.

So, if you still love your ex Scorpio boyfriend and you want to get back with him, the above signs are an indication that he also misses you and wants to win you back into his life.

However, you want to be absolutely sure that you are correct about his feelings and you haven’t just made a big mistake. The best way to do this is to send him a text message that will make him obsess over you and confirm to him that he needs you back. You can get the exact text messages to send him here.

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