Scorpio Man & Gemini Woman In Bed – Connection Is Key

a Gemini woman with a Scorpio man in an intimate situationFor a Scorpio man and Gemini woman in bed, there is often a mutual attraction between the two. They can be quite passionate and adventurous together when the connection is strong.

Both find each other sexually attractive and bring sexual energy in abundance to the bedroom.

However, there can be more than a few differences between these two, which can sometimes make the relationship difficult overall. If they can get past these differences then they can have a very good sex life.

Sexual attractiveness plays an essential part in a relationship, especially if it is to be rewarding, fulfilling, and lasting. If you’re dealing with a Scorpio man then this is especially true.

Sexual intimacy is one of the most natural ways for a Scorpio to connect with his partner. He wants to be with a woman who he finds sexy, exciting and can light his fire!

Intimacy Expert, Felicity Keith reported on a study carried out on the psychological triggers responsible for driving a Scorpio man’s hidden desires.

She discovered that Scorpio men show strong signs of arousal and attraction when a woman whispers in his ear before and during sex. She also discovered that certain words and phrases have a captivating impact that provokes his sub-conscious process for finding her highly sexually attractive.

Felicity recorded a short video where she exposes the details on how and why this works and how any woman can copy the process to get similar results. You can watch her video here.

Scorpio Man and Gemini Woman In Bed – Their Sexual Intimacy

a woman layin on top of her boyfriend on the bedWhen it comes to sex, a Scorpio man can be very intense, passionate, and with a high sex drive, which a Gemini woman can sometimes perceive as overly intense. Therefore, a Gemini woman needs to understand the sexual nature of a Scorpio man, as we explain in detail in this article.

For a Scorpio man, he needs to know where he stands in love, and trust is a very important factor for him. Not only trust in the sense of fidelity but also he needs to be able to feel that he can trust his partner with his feelings, emotions, and innermost fantasies.

However, the Gemini character can be fickle, which can make a Scorpio man feel uneasy.

If these two can get past their hangups of each other then they can have an intense sexual connection when it comes to getting down and jiggy with it and they can see form strong bonds based on a sexual union if there is a deeper understanding of each other formed.

For a more detailed look at the romance and relationship compatibility of a Gemini woman and a Scorpio man, see my article here.

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Another issue that can arise is due to the intensity and depth of the Scorps emotions and the Gemini’s tendency to feel overwhelmed when it comes to anything too heavy.

However, if the Gemini woman just took a little time to understand where he is coming from then she would soon see that this is not actually something to be scared of at all, but rather, is something that can be a strong asset to her in many ways, and not just sexually. A Gemini woman can get this understanding immediately here.

A Scorpio man will bring affection in buckets and make his Gemini woman feel wanted and appreciated. Sex will be one of his focus ways to express himself and he takes great pleasure in making sure his partner is deeply satisfied.

However, Gemini woman needs to learn to let go of her somewhat prudish nature if she’s going to be able to keep up with him. When she can do so, then they can both enjoy deep and lasting intimate fulfillment.

The above is an overview based on the sun signs of Scorpio man and Gemini woman in bed. However, there are more aspects of a person’s birth chart to consider in order to give more accurate information on compatibility. You can take the Scorpio Man Compatibility Test here.

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Gemini Woman And Scorpio Man

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