Scorpio Man & Capricorn Woman In Bed – Deep Satisfaction

a Capricorn woman on top of a Scorpio man in bedWhen it comes to the Scorpio man Capricorn woman Sextrology, the match is said to be one of high compatibility.

While a Scorpio and Capricorn can both have a somewhat serious nature in many aspects of their lives, when it comes to sexual intimacy they both relinquish their sober appearance and let the flames of passion burn bright.

The Scorpio man in bed is intensely passionate, while he Capricorn lover can be highly sensual and engaging. This combination can make for great sex life.

If there is a strong sexual attraction between the two of you then there should be a tantalizing mix of intense passion and intoxicating excitement that is deeply satisfying and highly stimulating for both.

A Scorpio man and a Capricorn woman often experience a renewal of passion and satisfaction for the overall relationship after a sexual exchange, which helps to keep things feeling fresh and alive.

Sexual chemistry plays a critical role in any relationship if it is going to last. When it comes to the Scorpio male it is important to know that sexual intimacy is very high on his priority list. This is because his ruling planet, Pluto, governs the sex organs as well as the depths of emotions. He uses sex as a way to connect with his partner.

However, for the Scorp, he wants sex to be fun, passionate, exciting, and highly intense. And sexual attraction to his partner plays a huge role in this.

He wants a woman who is sexually confident, who knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it.

Sex therapist, Felicity Keith carried out a recent study into the cognitive triggers that ignite attraction, fascination, and sexual desire in men. The results were surprising…

Her findings show that a Scorpio man becomes intensely aroused when his lover whispers into his ear, particularly before and during intimacy.

Her research also shows that very particular words and phrases create especially strong emotions in him that spark his process for finding her highly sexually attractive.

According to Felicity, any woman can use this exact same process to create similar results in her man, as she explains in this video here.

Scorpio Man Capricorn Woman Sextrology

Both a Capricorn woman and a Scorp man are passionate when it comes to making love.

One of the Scorp’s primary assets that appeal to his Cap lover is his imagination, while the Capricorn female has an urge and desire to be good, if not the best at everything she does, including sex.

Of course, this is something that the Scorp male would value highly and see as a great asset in the relationship.

Scorpio Man & Capricorn Woman Sexual Connection

When it comes to sex, a Scorpio man loves to experiment and explore anything taboo. Scorpios often have highly erotic fantasies and for some, that even have an element of danger to them.

On the surface, Capricorn women can seem as though they might not be the most sexual of creatures. However, they actually have a very robust sex drive that can more than keep up with a Scorpio.

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The deep need for a Capricorn woman to be successful in all areas of her life is a strong driving force when it comes to sex.

This is a benefit to both the Cap and Scorp as it greatly helps to form a strong sexual union where the Capricorn woman can go the distance to satisfy her Scorpio lover to enable them both to experience deeper levels of pleasure with each other.

The Cap will feel a deeply satisfying combination of success by knowing that she can satisfy the most sexual man in the zodiac coupled with a deep and profound sexual experience that only a male Scorp can provide for her.

Contrary to a Capricorn woman’s nature, when she trusts her Scorpio lover she finds it safe to be submissive to him in the bedroom.

Where there could be problems with this connection is related to both Capricorn and Scorpio’s connection with the Moon, which can mean that there could be a lack of emotional sensitivity between the two.

a couple being intimate on the bed

Having emotional intimacy as a central part of the sex life is very important to a Scorpio male and if it is not present then he may start to feel a disconnection with his lover after a while. If he does not feel it at all from the beginning then this couple probably won’t get off the ground.

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The Capricorn woman also needs tenderness and intimacy form her lover, but between these two it can sometimes be hard to manifest.

For the Scorpio man and Capricorn woman in bed combo to work well, there needs to be an equal balance of giving and taking.

If there are issues then communication is of great help and will allow the two space to communicate their needs to their partner.

It is important that both learn about each other on a deeper level to understand each other’s needs so they can have a fulfilling relationship and sex life that goes beyond merely being physical.

If you’re a Capricorn woman and you’re not sure how to connect emotionally with a Scorpio man then click here to learn the secrets.

Remember, this information only takes into account the sun signs and, therefore, only gives a general insight. If you want to know specifically how the connection will be between you and a Scorpio guy then take the Scorpio Man Compatibility Test here.

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Capricorn Woman And Scorpio Man

The union of these two zodiac signs can hold a great future together, provided they are prepared to make allowances for each others quirky characteristics. To discover more visit

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