Scorpio Man & Leo Woman In Bed – Passion & Surrender

a Leo woman with her Scorpio man

a Leo woman with her Scorpio manA Scorpio man and a Leo woman in bed can be a hot and passionate meeting. Together, the two of them can have an incredible sex life.

While he craves depth and intense passion, his Leo partner wants things to be adventurous and exciting.

However, as good as this sounds, other areas of their relationship can have conflict. This is due to both zodiac signs having strong personalities and being quite different from each other in many ways.

Fortunately, for the most part, these two admire one another’s strengths and a middle ground can often be found in both the understanding and appreciation of each others character traits.

Since Scorpio is a water sign and Leo is a fire sign, the two can have the “opposites attract” thing going on. However, it could also be quite the opposite. If it is the latter then it may be hard to spark an attraction that lasts any time at all.

Sexual attraction plays a crucial role in a relationship if it is to be fulfilling, rewarding and lasting. This is especially true when it comes to a Scorpio man. Sex and intimacy are high on his agenda. He wants his woman to be confident, sexy and exciting!

To really be able to turn on a Scorpio guy to the point where he feels a deep yearning and craving for his Leo lover, she needs to understand his hidden desires and needs.

Relationship expert, Felicity Keith conducted a study on the psychological triggers that drive the hidden desires of a Scorpio guy.

Felicity has discovered that a Scorpio becomes hyper-aroused when a woman whispers in his ear before or during sex. She also found that very specific words and phrases have a powerful impact that triggers his sub-conscious process for finding her highly sexually attractive.

Felicity made a short video where she reveals how and why it works and how any woman can copy the process to get the same or very similar results. You can see it here in her video she calls, The Language of Desire.

Scorpio Man & Leo Woman In Bed –  Sexual Intimacy

Both a Leo woman and Scorp guy have strong sex drives and know what they want in bed.

A Leo woman can be passionate and warm towards her partner and likes a lot of physicality in her love-making.

As for her male Scorp, he is the personification of sex. He embodies raw animal instinctive passion coupled with deep emotions.

A Leo woman likes to dominate, as does the Scorp male.

However, when these two meet in bed the Scorp is often pleased by his Leo lover’s dominance and demanding nature as he also has a strong desire to satisfy his partner.

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When there is a sexual attraction between these two there can be a lot of heated arguments, mainly due to the way in which these two signs operate and see the world; it’s just quite a different from one another. However, heated arguments can also lead to heated passion and intense sex between the two.

Often, each will feel confused as to what it is that is actually drawing each other together, but they will certainly both feel it in the bedroom.

A Scorp male needs to feel trust for his partner and if she is able to fulfil on this then that is a great hurdle in overcoming a lot of other issues that may arise.

For the Leo woman, she needs to feel respected so if the Scorp can fulfil this need then it will go a long way in making the relationship more harmonious and also improving their sex life.

A Leo woman will find the raw sexual energy of a Scorp highly attractive and also deeply satisfying in bed and the Scorp will admire her passion and warmth.

Due to his desire to please his partner, the Scorp will not mind the dominating nature of a Leo lady from time to time. However, if she becomes too persistent or overbearing with her dominance then the Scorpio’s stinger may come out.

It’s all about a mutual understanding of “give and take” with these two. If they can learn to accept each other’s qualities and traits and allow the other room to express their true nature then they can have an amazing sexual connection that other parts of their relationship can be built upon.

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If you’re a Leo woman and you really want to make it work with your Scorpio man then you’ll need to get a deeper understanding of him. How he thinks, how he operates, how he views sex and so forth.

To discover all this, including his sexual fantasies and his deepest, darkest desires, read my article here.

SCORPIO SEXTROLOGY SECRETS: To learn all the secrets of a Scorpio man, to know his innermost thoughts, desires and fantasies and be to able to make him crazy for you in bed, see my article here.

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