Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman in Bed – A Perfect Match

A Scorpio and a Cancerian in bed together

A Scorpio and a Cancerian in bed togetherWhen it comes to sex between a Scorpio man and Cancer woman there is usually a deep connection on a soul level coupled with erotic play. Due to the emotional aspects of both these signs, sex can often venture into a deeper spiritual connection.

Although in general this couple can have a fantastic sex life with each other, this is purely based on the sun sign only and there are several other important aspects of a person’s zodiac chart to consider if you want an accurate picture. If you know his date of birth then you can get a free love reading here.

Scorpio & Cancer Sexual Intimacy

A love match between a Scorpio man and a Cancerian woman is said to be one of the best matches of the zodiac. This is largely due to both Scorpio and Cancer being in touch with their emotions and being able to be open to each other at the same time. Scorpio, in particular, is usually guarded when it comes to his emotions. However, with this couple, both feel safe to open up and with one another as they feel safe to do so.

The connection can work particularly well because the Cancarian understands and respects her Scorp’s need for privacy and the Scorp is in tune with his Cancerian lover’s moods and can sense what will please her at any given time. Scorpio’s have somewhat erotic urges, to say the least, which a Cancarian does not shy away from, but instead, embraces and finds heightened pleasure and excitement in the indulgence.

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Scorpio & Cancer Between The Bed Sheets

A Cancerian woman can often bring a lot of fun ideas to the bedroom and may also want to introduce toys into the mix. A Scorpio man is most often happy to go along with this arrangement and enjoys experimenting with his Cancerian lover. Both Scorpio and Cancer enjoy indulging in the senses when it comes to sex and often has a few things to teach one another.

Due to both Cancer and Scorpio being water signs they are able to mix really well with each other to the point where their love and sex life can really flourish. Even though the two are very different, they both compliment each other very well due to Scorpio’s intense passion and Cancer’s sensitivity. These are both qualities that they really appreciate in each other.

As mentioned before, both Scorpio and Cancer are emotional signs due to the water element. As such, both need emotional safety and often find it in one another. This enables them to feel totally free to let go completely and indulge in all their fantasies together to form a deeper connection. Feeling this emotional security with one another strengthens their relationship and brings about a purity and honesty between the two of them.

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Trust is very important to a Scorpio male and his Cancerian woman will offer him a life-long loyalty if the relationship endures. In return, the Scorp has the ability to drive her wild with passion for him, which he thoroughly enjoys.

Caveat: The compatibility between two signs also depends on the individuals Moon and Rising signs as well as the characteristics of the Sun sign and other aspects of the birth chart and in relation to that of their love interest for an accurate picture.

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Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman in Bed – A Perfect Match
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