Scorpio Man Break Up: 5 Things That Will Make Him Break Up With You

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Last Updated on May 27, 2021

Scorpio man break up with his partnerLove with the charming Scorpio man can be awesome when things are going well. However, if the relationship has gone a little cold then you may be wondering if a breakup is around the corner.

There are certain things that can make a Scorpio man break up and others gravitate towards you, even become totally head over heels obsessed with you.

However, there are also things that will make him fall out of love with you.

Be that as it may, if you were in a love relationship with a Scorpio man and it suddenly went south before you realized what was happening, this article is for you.

In this article, you are going to gain insights into the reasons why Scorpio men end relationships and exactly how they will do it.

If you’re in this situation and you do not want the relationship to come to an end, do not despair.

So how do you know when a Scorpio man is done with you?

The answer is, there are several key signs to look out for, which I will share with you in this article.

The Scorpio Man Break up? 5 Signs A Breakup Is Coming

Power struggles

A Scorpio male wants to be in control and he never wants to be in a situation where he feels like power has been taken away from him.

So, your Scorpio guy will certainly not stay in a relationship where he feels like you are manipulating him or getting too bossy with him.

It’s not that a Scorpio man wants to control you, but rather, he always wants to feel like he has some degree of control over his life. This is important for him in order to feel secure.

Lying to him

When it comes to relationships, a Scorpio man wants and needs to be in a relationship that is built on trust, honesty, and open conversations. For example, if his lover is a compulsive liar then he will lose interest and finish the relationship very suddenly.

It is important to note that even the slightest lie can make your Scorp’s trust wane forever, and he prefers to always be told the truth no matter how ugly it looks.

Scorpio men are known to be very blunt about their feelings, and your Scorpio guy expects you to be equally transparent.

Cheating on him

A Scorpio man is one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac and as such, he also expects and needs his partner to be loyal to him also. If a Scorp suspects that there may be another guy involved then he can become very jealous quite quickly.

Emotional and physical infidelity is likely to make your Scorpio guy fall out of love with you even when he truly loves you, and even if you apologize. So if you’ve cheated on him then you’re playing with fire and will likely lose him forever.

Scorpio can also tend to hold grudges, so it will not be easy for him to forgive you. If you have cheated on him then you will need expert help to get him back.

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Being too dependent

A Scorpio man tends to be highly attracted to an independent woman. In other words, he wants you to know your worth and to be able to handle your responsibilities or business without relying on him.

That being said, your Scorpio boyfriend is likely to break up with you if he realizes that you want him to fulfill your every need and are reliant on him.

What’s more, he will run away if he realizes that you do not have the ability to make independent decisions or make up your mind about basic things. It is important to note that no Scorpio guy wants to be in a suffocating relationship.

Being over-critical

One of the things that Scorpio men cannot put up with is criticism from his lady. So, constantly telling your Scorpio boyfriend that he ain’t perfect will certainly make him at least think about walking out on you.

In other words, Scorpio guys are likely to get offended and let you go if you keep comparing him to other men or even worse, your ex-partners.

Scorpio men are known to be very jealous, and he wants to feel like the perfect guy for you. He wants you to appreciate his unique qualities, and if you don’t, your Scorpio guy will pull away.

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Bad sexual experiences

Sexual intimacy is very important to a Scorpio as it is one of the primary ways they are able to feel a deep emotional connection with their partner.

So, unfortunately, if you have not been able to get him excited for you to the point where he craves to be with you then over time, he may start to think about breaking up with you.

Scorpio men are known to love sex and if your Scorpio guy feels that you aren’t sexually passionate enough for him while in between the sheets, he will certainly run and find a woman who will satisfy his erotic desires.

What’s more, a Scorpio boyfriend is likely to fall out of love with you if you keep comparing his sexual skills to those of other men as this will be a huge turn-off for him.

If you want to find out exactly what a Scorpio man likes in bed and to be able to drive him wild and thinks you’re the best he’s ever had, see my article on the Scorpio guy in bed here.

a man and woman in bed not happy

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How a Scorpio Man Will Break Up with You

Silent treatment

One of the most obvious signs that your Scorpio guy is done with you is his silent treatment or coldness. In other words, he is likely to ignore your text messages, stop calling you, and even stop texting altogether.

It is important to note that a Scorpio male might use silent treatment so that he can inflict pain, hurt your feelings, or manipulate you into walking out of the relationship.

Your Scorp’s silence might push you into criticizing him, and he might use criticism as a reason to leave you.

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He’ll lie to you

Another thing that your Scorp guy will do if he is no longer interested in you is to keep lying to you more so because he does not want to hurt you or tell you the truth about what is making him distant.

Your Scorpio boyfriend will lie to you when he does not want you to know that he has lost focus on the relationship.

Guilty feelings are also likely to make your Scorpio boyfriend lie to you more so if you have been a good partner.

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He will stop flirting with you

Scorpio men love flirting. Therefore, if your Scorpio man is no longer interested in keeping you as his partner, he is likely to stop flirting with you because he is looking for ways to end the attraction between the two of you.

Furthermore, he also probably wouldn’t want to feel like he is wasting your time.

get your boyfriend back after a breakup with text messagesHe will exhibit rude behavior

Scorpio men are known to be very gentle and romantic lovers. However, when a Scorpio man loses interest in you, he is likely to speak to you in a harsh tone or even lash out at you.

So, it is important that you take notice of such negative behaviors more so when you haven’t wronged him.

He will avoid you

The most common method that a Scorpio man will use when he is breaking up with you is to decrease contact or cut out all communication. In other words, he will avoid meeting up with you, calling you, or even texting you.

What’s more, Scorpio men are known to be very secretive and your Scorpio man is likely to avoid you if he does not want to express his hurtful feelings. He’s also likely to move out without your knowledge more so if he is angry.

Final Thoughts

Scorpio men are usually very loyal creatures who hold trust and respect as one of their highest values. Therefore, if a Scorp feels disrespected or that he cannot trust you then it is likely that he will end the relationship sooner or later.

As sexual intimacy is a very important part of experiencing an emotional connection to a Scorpio, cheating on him would likely be an unrecoverable sin.

If he’s thinking of breaking up with you then you’ll probably start experiencing the silent treatment as he gets more and more distant and withdrawn from the relationship. If he feels trapped then he might start lying to you or may even become rude on occasion.

If he has stopped flirting with you and showing you affection then this is also a sign that he may be thinking about breaking things off with you.

If you’re in a relationship with a Scorp and it looks like a breakup is on the horizon or perhaps you’ve already broken up with your Scorpio lover but you want to get him back, then it may be entirely possible.

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Scorpio Man Breakup

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