Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman in Bed – A Difficult Conneciton

an Aquarius woman on top of a Scorpio male on a bed

an Aquarius woman on top of a Scorpio male on a bedA Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman can be a tricky match due to both signs having a strong stubbornness for wielding to anyone else’s will. This can get particularly challenging if the Scorp tries to control the Aquarian female.

However, if the Scorpio man is mature and has learned not to always need to be in control, but instead lead froth with his deep emotions, while the Aquarian be willing and able to open up to his emotions and know how to express her passionate side to him, then there can be the possibility for a great sexual connection.

Of course, this is just based on the sun signs only, but there are several other important aspects of a person’s chart to consider when looking at compatibility to get an accurate picture.

To make this connection work, it mostly comes down to both parties having a good understanding of each other and accepting them for who they are, their good points as well as the not so good.

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Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman Sexual Intimacy

When it comes to a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman, the Scorp can often be intrigued by the Aquarian and admire many qualities about her. This can be largely due to the perception of the Aquarius ruler, Uranus by the Scorpio.

Being a combination of Air and Water makes it a mix of emotions and intellect. therefore, this mix is not often able to achieve a harmonious balance easily and can lead to considerable tension due to the Scorp leading with his emotions and the Aquarian’s tendency for rational thinking. However, if each sign can embrace the tendencies of their partner then they may be able to find a balance.

When these two first meet, the Scorpio man is more often than not, captivated by the innocence and attractiveness of the Aquarius lady. Due to this, she has the ability to gain his interest and set his pulse racing. In turn, the Scorp has a calm and pacifying effect on the Aquarian’s temper and she can often be very receptive to his mollycoddling.

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Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman Between The Bed Sheets

If the connection works between these two then they can both reach new heights of sexual expression with each other where basically almost anything goes and is enjoyed. However, the Scorp will need to lead with his emotions and the Aquarian be ready and willing to embrace them.

Scorpio’s are intensely passionate by nature and also often have a controlling side to their personality. While emotions often add to the passion between the sheets, for the Aquarian, she will more likely want to have a sex life devoid of emotions. An Aquarius woman will also find it difficult to deal with any possessiveness from the Scorp if he has not learned how to keep this emotion in check.

For this couple, it is likely that sex and intimacy will either be a test of wills of a deeply fulfilling experience. In order for the latter to prevail then this will depend on how adaptable each partner is willing to be with their partner and how much emotion they are able to share together.

However, this can be hard for many Scorpio men and Aquarius women due to the fixed nature of their sun signs, which does not make it easy for them to change and adapt to another person, especially when they are so different from each other. With that being said, if the two are deeply in love then they will do what is needed to overcome these challenges.

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The main issue comes down to either the Scorp being too controlling or the Aquarian not being accepting and open to his emotions. To make this work, the Aquarian will need to make sure he feels an important part of her life. This will go a long way in planting roots upon which a stable, loving connection can grow and flourish.

If she is able to open up more to him and express her passionate side and also the passion she has for him, then he will feel able to open up completely to her and give her all that passionate Scorpio love that can deeply fulfil her. In order to do this effectively, get an understanding of Scorpio Sextrology, here.

Caveat: The compatibility between two signs also depends on the individuals Moon and Rising signs as well as the characteristics of the Sun sign and other aspects of the birth chart and in relation to that of their love interest for an accurate picture. If you want a more accurate picture of the compatibility between you and someone else and you know their date of birth, you can get a love compatibility test here.

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