Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Images of the Sagittarius and Scorpio zodiac signs

Images of the Sagittarius and Scorpio zodiac signsA relationship between a Scorpio guy and a Sagittarius woman can either be very successful or very unsuccessful because their nature is very different.

A couple with such a combination is likely to experience constant rifts that are likely to interfere with their romance. They are also likely to have never-ending fights and episodes of nagging because the Scorpio guy is very introverted in nature while the Sagittarius lady loves to enjoy her freedom and comes out as a very independent woman.

However, it is important to note that these two love to appreciate each other, and this feeling is usually mutual. They are normally able to create a balance because the Sagittarius mate tends to have a very high level of intuition, while the Scorpio mate brings in his high level of instinct.

If you are a Sagittarius woman in or considering a relationship with a Scorpio man, please read on for more answers on your fate as a couple.

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Sagittarius Woman & Scorpio Man Relationship Compatability

Do your optimism and expectations match?

The Scorpio guy is known to be very optimistic with regards to life’s virtues. On the other hand, the Sagittarius woman may be very pragmatic and tolerant. If you’re in such a combination, you are likely to have a similar nature of wanting to probe towards the moment of truth. You will rarely lean on unearthly expectations because of your outlook and approach towards what life has to offer.

How compatible are you in romance and passion?

If you are in such a combination, you must have realized that both of you are never as romantic. Not only are you not romantic, but you also do not have the time to indulge in romance. However, you might notice that the level of passion for one another is pretty high, and it is likely to create a lasting bond.

Are you sexually compatible?

A Scorpio guy and Sagittarius woman are highly compatible in as far as sex is concerned. This is because the Scorpio man can be very erotic and he tends to spice up the relationship for the Sagittarius woman who is considered to be very enigmatic in her sexual affairs. Their sexual encounters are normally so out of this world that they would rather compromise other aspects of their life, in order to savour these moments.

For more info on the sexual connection and chemistry with this couple, see my article on Sagittarius and Scorpio in bed.

How compatible are you for marriage?

A Scorpio male and a Sagittarius female are likely to have a very compatible and strong bond in their marriage because of their high levels of adherence to commitment, integrity, fidelity and respect for one another.

Can you co-exist as friends?

A Scorpio guy and a Sagittarius woman are known to be best of friends, and they also have high levels of respect, loyalty and trust for one another. So, if you are in such a combination, chances are that your relationship will be based on those friendship virtues.

How compatible are you with regard to truthfulness and dependence?

You, like me, with probably agree that trust is a very vital component of any relationship. As a Scorpio male and Sagittarius Female in love with each other, you are likely to experience some advantages and disadvantages where trust is involved. This is because as a Sagittarius woman, you are likely to be very spontaneous and pensive at the same time, and as a result, your Scorpio guy is likely to become very insecure with your nature. His insecurities are likely to lead to a breach of trust, which might then cause the relationship to end abruptly.

In addition, the Sagittarius woman is considered to be very trustworthy and honest in her attributes, but when dealing with a Scorpio man, she is likely to overturn the tables at any time.

How well do you communicate and understand each other?

As a Scorpio man, you are likely to have very predetermined characteristics, but that does not deter you from being very understanding towards your Sagittarius partner. While you’re very dominant, you are also very warm when dealing with the weaknesses, shortcomings, and negative traits of your Sagittarius mate.

Are your levels of intelligence compatible?

As a couple with this combination, your levels of intelligence are likely to be at par. You are likely to reap greatly from the immeasurable intelligence if only both of you are able to blend humility with your nature.

Parting Shot!

A relationship between a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman is likely to last for long because of their highly loyal, honest and forgiving nature. However, if such a relationship must be put to an end, the Scorpio man and his dominant nature tend to take the lead, and the Sagittarius woman is left with no option, but to seek her next big love adventure.

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Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility
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