Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility

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Last Updated on June 8, 2021

Scorpio and Cancer zodiac signsThis relationship is considered to have a high level of compatibility because it combines two water signs. In fact, often this can be one of the best matches of the zodiac.

The Scorpio man and Cancer woman compatibility make for a highly passionate and romantic combination.

A couple with such a combination is considered to be intrigued by emotional intimacy and connection, and they are both very faithful and devoted to one another.

They love to look after each other and they focus on making the other partner feel secure. They are also a very tolerant duo.

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Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility


Scorpio and Cancer partners are often very curious. They also tend to have great analytical abilities.

They are highly compatible with regard to both of them having a high level of perceptual intelligence, which refers to the ability to understand the other partner’s feelings and emotions.

In other words, the Scorpio man and Cancer woman is a highly intelligent couple and they tend to be overly curious about the world around them.


Once the Scorpio male and the Cancer female have bonded, communication is usually a breeze because they tend to speak to each other in an empathic way.

However, because a Cancer woman is a born talker, there is a high likelihood of them conflicting with her Scorpio man because he is not very talkative during the initial stages.

As time goes by, the Scorpio male tends to let down his guard and opens up to his Cancer mate.

An interesting aspect of their communication is that they like to talk about anything and everything.

Sexual Compatibility

A Scorpio male and a Cancer female are likely to have a relationship that is quite strong in and out of the bedroom. Their romance is quite steamy because of their deep attraction to one another.

However, a Cancer female will normally prefer to be a bit traditional in the bedroom and not as taboo as the Scorpio, although she can often be tempted to indulge her curious side with him.

The Scorpio guy is likely to have the best of the Cancer woman because of the fact that a Cancer girl will normally be strongly drawn to him and will easily give in to his intense sexual demands.

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a couple being intimate on the bed

Marriage Compatibility

A couple with this combination tends to be highly compatible with marriage because both of them are very loyal and reliable. Both the Scorpio man and Cancer woman are also compatible because they both understand the beauty of bonding together as a family.

This type of relationship brings with it a lot of reassurance and warmth.

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Compatibility based on Passion

There is less passion for these two signs than with others, but the degree of intensity can make up for that. Passion flares and dies, but the feelings between these two can reach a sustained level of ongoing intimacy.

Emotional Compatibility

Both signs have a tendency of hiding their feelings and especially when they are hurting or hurt.

Unlike other signs, the Scorpio man and Cancer woman will often experience a lot of hurt, pain, and emotional uproar, and it is important that they find a way of expressing their fears and hurtful feelings in a healthy and positive manner.

Respect and Trust for Each Other

The Scorpio man and the Cancer woman have several compatibilities, but the greatest of them all is that their high level of mutual respect and their trust for each other.

Their trust for each other is very high because of the fact that they both are intuitive and they tend to sense dishonesty from a distance.

However, this trust never develops automatically and it requires some level of patience from a couple in such a combination.

a couple in a fun and playful relationship

Compatibility as Friends

The Scorpio man and the Cancer Woman do not make very good friends.

This is because the Scorpio guy has a tendency of being very possessive of his Cancer mate and this inequality is likely to work against their relationship. Though they often share their feelings and emotions freely, they rarely share on a friendly level.


The fact that Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs tends to make them feel drawn towards the sea. They have similar interests such as swimming, surfing, fishing, and relaxing on the beach.

Because of his fixated nature, a Scorpio man is likely to be highly resistant to new things and will often need some nudging from the energetic Cancer mate.

A Scorpio guy is likely to love traveling, while his Cancer girl is likely to be thrilled by romantic getaways. So long as water will be part of their holiday, then the two of them are likely to do well together.

Final Thoughts

A Scorpio man and a Cancer woman are very compatible. They have the ability to bond emotionally, physically, and intellectually. This bond tends to establish a life-long relationship.

With their compatible nature, couples with this combination tend to make wonderful parents who offer their children a caring, secure, and loving environment.

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