How Do Scorpio Men Deal With Breakups? What You Need To Know

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Last Updated on February 24, 2022

The Scorpio man after a breakup while his woman tries to get him back

How do Scorpio men deal with breakups? This is an intriguing question with a few answers.

Scorpio men can tend to behave in different ways after a breakup. This depends on a few things:

  1. If he actually wants to breakup
  2. The reasons for the breakup
  3. How you handle the breakup
  4. If he’s found another woman
  5. If you’ve found another guy

That being said, if things ended amicably and you actually get on pretty well then he may still want to stay in touch with you and be friends.

If, however, he got badly hurt, disrespected, or felt used then a Scorpio man after a breakup will likely cut you off completely.

Beware, Scorpio’s are known to have a vengeful side. While most of them will not likely act on these urges (contrary to popular belief), some will go out of their way to seek revenge if they feel that strongly about it. After all, Scorpio’s do not have a sting in the tail for nothing!

Scorpios are emotional creatures. If you’ve been in his life for a significant amount of time then he’ll likely be feeling emotionally tender for a while, regardless if he wanted to break up with you or not.

However, he will try to hide these feelings from you and others and act like he doesn’t care.

For a woman who wants to get back with him, this is the opportune moment to act.

Those emotions are still at the surface and he’ll also be having periods of remembering the good times, and therefore, have a few doubts.

If this is your plan then it’s important to give him his space. That’s why text messages can work so well to reconnect and trigger his feelings for you.

However, sending the wrong texts at the wrong times can push him away completely.

Relationship expert, Amy North recognized this problem among several of her clients and created a simple text messaging system based on male psychology.

Amy’s system is so effective she has helped hundreds of couples reconnect and bring the love back into the relationship through these simple text messages.

In the rest of this article, I will share with you the most common things to expect from a Scorpio man after a breakup.

How Do Scorpio Men Handle Breakups

If you want to know how a Scorpio man will behave after a breakup then the short answer is, it really depends on if he wanted to break up with you or not and what are the circumstances around the breakup.

How you handle the breakup will also greatly determine how he will react to you and the breakup.

Here are the most common ways he will behave after a breakup.

He’ll hide his feelings

a couple going through a breakup

Scorpio men are known to be very good at hiding their feelings, even if he has a broken heart.

If after breaking up with you, your Scorpio man wants you back, he is likely to hide his feelings from the world by not interacting much with his friends and family.

He is likely to be dull and feel numb until another woman comes into his life.

Fortunately for the Scorpio, however, this is not usually a long time as most Scorpio’s easily attract the attention of the opposite sex whether they are trying to or not.

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He obsesses over you

If he’s heartbroken and didn’t want the breakup to happen, or if he’s had a change of heart and wants you back, then he may start obsessing over you and find ways to contact you.

If this is the case then your Scorpio man might find it difficult to move on without you. He is likely to try everything to win you back. But, will a Scorpio man let you go?

He may start off texting you, or messaging you on social media. He’ll be looking for ways to arrange a meet-up with you so you can talk face to face and uninterrupted.

However, he will likely make it seem that he just wants a simple catch-up to see how you’re doing and try not to let on straight away that he still has feelings for you.

If you have decided to move on and don’t want contact with him then ignoring a Scorpio man after a breakup will let him know it’s definitely over and he will soon leave you alone.

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He will revenge

a man and a woman having an argument

Scorpio men are known to be vengeful if they have been burned.

Therefore, if you hurt him, abused him, cheated on him, disrespected him, or broke his trust then your ex Scorp is likely to do something that will hurt you in return.

If he is feeling really hurt then, your Scorpio guy may hit back or even decide to torture you in some way, and he will not leave any stone unturned until he feels like justice is served.

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Totally ignore you

After breaking up, your Scorp man may ignore you and even behave like you do not exist if he wants no more to do with you.

As a result, he is likely to block or delete you from social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

But if he still has a place in his heart for you then he will not delete your number.

If you text him he will read it but not respond.

If you are texting him but he is not replying to you then these simple texts can get him to open up and reconnect with you.

Final Thoughts: How Do Scorpio men deal with breakups

A Scorp can be very loving and caring in a relationship and lead with his emotions, even if he tries not to show them.

When a Scorpio man dumps you, however, he can seem indifferent. He will often be showing some of the signs in this article above.

Regardless if he wanted to break up with you or not, if you have been together for a long time or if the two of you had a strong emotional connection then he will be feeling emotionally tender inside for a while.

If you’ve recently broken up with a Scorpio guy or if you’re in a relationship, but it looks like a breakup is around the corner and that’s NOT what you want, then there are some things you can do.

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Scorpio Man and Breakups

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