What Is a Scorpio Man’s Best Match For Marriage?

a Scorpio getting marriedUnderstanding the different personality traits and characteristics of the zodiac signs can help you to get a good idea of the Scorpio man’s best match for marriage.

Despite the negative attention it sometimes receives, there’s an eerie accuracy at play when it comes to astrology and how it’s said to foretell people’s personalities.

It’s believed that the way the stars and planets happen to be aligned on your birthday is crucial in determining your life path, overall demeanor, and even how well you’ll get along with others.

Some might struggle to believe it, but many have felt that in the majority of cases of this is absolutely true. It’s even been found that studying astrological compatibility can help secure a successful relationship.

With all this being said, however, it is important to note that when it comes to the negative traits of a sign, they may not necessarily present themselves as strong in people who have done a considerable amount of self-development work.

If you are considering marrying a Scorpio man then it makes sense that you may want to know about your chances of compatibility.

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Here in this article are the Scorpio man’s best match for marriage.

Scorpio Man’s Best Match For Marriage – 4 Key Signs

a man and woman in love about to kissSo, who should Scorpio man marry?

Of course, one of the most intense zodiac signs is Scorpio. This accounts for anyone born between October 23rd and November 21st.

Scorpios are almost always highly passionate, with deep emotions under the surface. They tend to act by instinct, and they can sometimes come across a bit cold and calculating at first.

Between all of that and a tendency to keep people at a distance before opening up, Scorpios can have trouble finding long-lasting relationships.

A little bit of understanding about the other signs can easily help make matters of romance go a bit more smoothly, however.

When it comes to marriage, the best matches for Scorpio man are Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn.

Virgo & Scorpio marriage

Virgos are inherently loyal, pragmatic, and detail-oriented. The passion as a Scorpio man should match well with a Virgo woman’s need to feel loved and needed. Her ability to occasionally get lost in her work and projects will also allow you the space that you sometimes need.

Virgo and Scorpio relationships are among the most successful from an Astrological standpoint; if a Scorpio gets together with a Virgo, then it’ll probably be a match that stands the test of time.

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Scorpio & Scorpio marriage

Given the sometimes intense nature of Scorpios, a Scorpio woman is also a great match for a Scorpio man. With many shared characteristics, you should easily be able to find peace and understanding with one another.

Relationships between a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman are usually incredibly passionate, rewarding, and highly sexual.

Cancer & Scorpio marriage

If a Scorpio man is interested in finding someone that’s nearly their complete opposite, however, then they should seek out a Cancer woman.

Cancers tend to look for partners that can make them feel secure, something that should be quite natural for a Scorpio once they feel they are in a place to open up to their partner.

For a Scorpio guy who is seeking a long-term commitment and marriage, they should definitely be in luck with a Cancer woman as Cancers are among the most devoted of any sign.

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Capricorn & Scorpio marriage

Finally, a Scorpio might also have success with a Capricorn. The natural curiosity of the Scorpio will be a great fit for the practicality of a Capricorn woman.

As long as you find a partner that can understand your need to take the reins from time to time, you’ll have the makings of an incredible relationship.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t shut out anyone that happens to be another sign entirely; sometimes life is about taking chances! That said, each sign above has a proven track record when it comes to the best match for a Scorpio man.

By sticking within those boundaries in your love life, you’re sure to find the perfect combination that ultimately leads to Scorpio man’s best match for marriage and a long and happy life together..

However, it is more than possible for any zodiac sign to have a successful marriage with a Scorpio if they know and understand him well.

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6 Replies to “What Is a Scorpio Man’s Best Match For Marriage?

  1. Why Pisces is not mentioned? Another water sign that apparently is good match for Scorpio but not here??

    1. Hey Alice, yes, you’re right! Pisces is also a good match for Scorpio. I will do an update to this article soon.
      Best wishes, Charlene

    1. Hi Rose, while I believe that may pairing can be made to work if the couple are open-minded enough to respect each other’s differences, traditionally the Scorpio and Libra couple are not seen as an easy match overall. While they can have an intense and passionate sex life, they can run into difficulties when it comes to trusting one another, sharing common interests and holding the same values. Please, don’t take this as gospel though. To get an accurate picture of the likely relationship success of any two people, one should look deeper into the individual birth charts.

    Yeah they should update his article because pisces is another good water sign for scorpio…..

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