How To Make A Scorpio Man Want You Back After A Breakup

a couple reconciling

a couple reconcilingThere’s no denying the magnetism of Scorpios. While it can prove difficult to break through their sometimes icy facade, they often prove to be the most amazing and passionate partners once you do.

Scorpio men can make such a lasting impression that it can feel next to impossible to let them go if the relationship doesn’t work out.

If you had a male Scorpio in your life that’s decided to move on, you’re likely wracking your brain over what you can possibly do to make things right. One of the first things you need to do is to understand the personality traits and characteristics of the Scorpio male so you will know best how to approach him.

Many advice columns will tell you to simply “get over him,” but what if you know he was the one? As long as you haven’t decided to give up hope, there are a few useful approaches you can use to potentially make your Scorpio man want you back. One of the most powerful is using the law of attraction to get your ex back. The law of attraction is powerful, but it has to be done exactly right to manifest your ex boyfriend back in your life. Find out exactly how to do it here.

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Tips To Get Your Scorpio Man Back

Play Against His Ego

It’s important to realize that many Scorpios develop something of an ego over their ability to draw people in. Whether intentional or not, that’s almost always there under the surface.

If you act as if you aren’t the least bit fazed by your ex’s decision to move on, he’s bound to feel a bit perplexed. If he expected you to pine over him only to see that you’re apparently perfectly fine severing ties, the tides could easily turn, leaving him the one trying to win you back!

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Show Him What You’re Made Of

Scorpios only want the absolute best from their partners, and that’s doubly true of males. As part of their inherently strong self-confidence, they tend to feel they deserve to be with the most impressive, capable, and successful person they can find. So, use the extra time you’re not spending with him at the moment to start knocking out some of your personal goals.

Do everything you can to land that new job or promotion you’ve been striving for, drop a bit of weight, or venture into some adventurous new life experiences. If you manage to stay loosely connected via social media, you can easily leave enough public, indirect breadcrumbs to show him just how magnificent you can be.

Virtually everything else you can possibly do lies within some combination of the two rules above. To make a Scorpio man want you back after a breakup, it’s most important to play it cool. If you show any degree of desperation, you’ll only push him further away.

Don’t let him know he’s hurt you or even made you upset. Do your best to at least appear as if you’re content to move on with your life. His ego will likely be hurt, and his curiosity will take over from there. Once the two of you have started talking again you can then begin working on seducing him again.

As a final word of warning, you should also keep your distance and let him ultimately approach you if you can. You should also be highly strategic as you drop subtle hints about what you’re doing to improve yourself. They need to be slightly few and far between. Tag other friends as you give updates to disguise their aim even further!

Two Methods For Getting Him Back After a Breakup

Method 1: Get A Free Copy Of Anna Kovach’s, “How To Get A Scorpio Man Back” eBook

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I reviewed Anna’s Scorpio Man Secrets course here for my readers and in this article I explain exactly how you can get your hands on a free copy of her book, How To Get A Scorpio Man Back.

This book is concise and gets right to the heart of what you need to know to get him back, even if the breakup was your fault. However, I need to let you know that Anna is not giving away this book for free forever, so if you want to get a copy then go here now and find out exactly how you can get your hands on a copy before this offer is gone.

Method 2: Use The Law Of Attraction To Get Him Back

manifest your ex back book cover

I have been familiar with the law of attraction for some years now and have also used it with some success in my own life. However, until recently I didn’t think that it could also be used to affect a relationship or a person’s feelings until I came across, ‘Manifest Your Ex Back’, by Amanda Walters.

The law of attraction has been used for hundreds of years by people to create and manifest the life they want. This technique certainly has received a lot of coverage in the press and media over the recent years with many celebrities and high achievers attesting to the method as being one of the primary reasons for their success.

Now the power of the law of the law of attraction has been studied and harnessed to help manifest your ideal relationship, your dream lover and even your ex lover back into your life. Amanda Walters has dedicated years to researching the law of attraction for exactly this reason and explains step-by-step how to do it in her new book, Manifest Your Ex Back. You can read my review of her book here.


It is possible to win your Scorp boyfriendend back with the right strategies. However, it is not likely to be easy without the right knowledge, especially if you hurt him. You will need to tread carefully and make a real effort to show him that you are serious about wanting to be with him. Understanding the nature of the Scorpio male will help tremendously in getting him back in your life. To give yourself the best chance of winning him back, take a look at Anna Kovach’s Scorpio Man Secrets here.

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How To Make A Scorpio Man Want You Back After A Breakup
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