How To Turn On a Scorpio Man Sexually And Drive Him Crazy

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Last Updated on February 24, 2022

a woman who has figured out how to turn on a Scorpio man sexually

When it comes to sex Scorpio is the master. He has a huge sexual appetite and loves to indulge in all kinds of sexual activity with his lover.

If you want to get it on with a Scorp then you’ll be pleased to hear there are a number of ways how to turn on a Scorpio man sexually.

It’s very common knowledge that Scorpio has the sexiest reputation in the zodiac. They’re hot stuff when it comes to making love.

While this can be intimidating for some women, with a little know-how you needn’t worry.

In this article, I’ll share with you some top tips you can use to seduce him sexually and get him turned on and hot for you in no time.

If you’ve read any of my other posts or anything about a Scorpio man at all really, you’ll already know that Scorpio men can be very complex and have deep emotions that lie beneath the surface.

However, the first thing to realize is that you don’t need to understand him completely, in fact, many would say this is almost an impossibility anyway.

What you need to know is the kinds of things he likes, admires, and respects in a woman and what things push his hot buttons, like these naughty phrases here.

So, without further ado, here’s how you can turn on your Scorp man sexually and make him hot for you in the bedroom.

How To Turn On a Scorpio Man Sexually In 4 Steps

When it comes to turning on and satisfying a Scorpio man in bed there are a few important things you need to know.

In most cases, Scorpios are not only fantastic lovers but very considerate and want to both give and receive pleasure equally.

Scorpio men are often as turned on to give and see you receiving pleasure from him as he is to receive it from you.

Scorpio men are also deeply turned on by a woman who demonstrates that she is open to trying adventurous, new things with him in the bedroom.

Scorp’s are strongly drawn to sexual encounters that are a bit “different”, exciting and adventurous.

He generally loves anything that is considered taboo and likes to find a woman with whom he can exercise his kinky side. This, of course, differs from one Scorp male to the next as they will not all be into the same things.

For example, some may be into bondage while others won’t be drawn to this at all but instead may get highly turned on by you dressing up or using toys with him.

Ultimately, the sign of Scorpio relates to intimacy on the deepest level as Scorpio men find intimacy a profoundly powerful way to connect with his lover.

So this being said, don’t be surprised if he has a kink or two, you’ll just need to discover what it is.

If you want to cut through all the mystery and discover his innermost fantasies and turn-ons immediately then learn about the Scorpio Sextrology here.

The Scorpio man and sex

As the Scorp finds sex an intensely passionate experience and a deeper way to connect, he will most likely prefer sex with the lights on, or at least, enough light so he can see you.

He will want to look deep into your eyes, especially when you climax.

For the most part, he will usually want the sex to last a good amount of time, savoring every moment of you. Therefore, he will want to indulge in foreplay with you and take his time for you both to enjoy it fully together.

As most Scorpios are great lovers and usually have some good levels of experience, sex can often turn into a sexathon of different positions. This is not to say that he will also enjoy the cheeky quickie with you from time to time too. For more on the Scorpio male in bed, see my article here.

To satisfy a Scorpio man you’ll need to get past any fears you have around intimacy, closeness, and pushing your boundaries.

This doesn’t mean at all that you should do anything you don’t feel comfortable with, not at all. You should only go as far as you feel you want to and not do anything that makes you feel degraded.

However, you will need to be open to pushing the boundaries a little, but within the bounds of your own comfort and safety to reach those levels of deeper intimacy with him.

A sense of a deep connection

a couple kissing sexuallyDue to the intensely deep emotional side of the Scorpio personality and a desire to uncover all life’s mysteries, a Scorpio male will also want to discover you completely.

Besides enjoying yourself physically, he will want to get to know the real you and understand the woman behind the mask that we all wear socially.

Doing this will enable you to both connect on a mental and emotional level as well as physical.

When it comes to turning him on sexually, he will also want to feel that the two of you have a deeper bond and an almost psychic connection. This is one reason why a Scorp will deeply enjoy looking into your eyes.

If you really want to turn him on then do this during foreplay and sex so he will feel that deep connection with you. Looking deep into his eyes while he is in your mouth is one of the hottest things you can do to make him crazy for you.

See the section on the foreplay below for more detail.

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Who’s in control?

Generally, Scorpio men, like to alternate between being the one in control and then giving their power to their partner.

This does not necessarily mean one being dominant while the other is submissive, although a lot of Scorp’s will probably like that kind of role-playing from time to time.

Scorpio men like to be in control and give a tremendous amount of pleasure and feel they have the power to turn you on so intensely.

On the flip side, Scorp guys like a woman with confidence and who is not shy to expose herself to him and also demonstrate what she wants.

Being able to let go and also take your pleasure with him will be a big turn-on for him so don’t be shy or hold back.

The importance of foreplay

a woman practicing oral sex on a bananaAs I mentioned earlier, foreplay is very important to a Scorpio man. He will want to take his time with you and take equal turns in giving and receiving pleasure.

If you’ve not been with a Scorpio man before then you will probably be surprised at just how good he is at this part of giving pleasure, and in return, he expects the same.

Oral sex is a must for Scorpio’s and if you excel at this part then you will get him so hot and turned on that falling in love with you is almost a foregone conclusion.

However, if you’re inexperienced in this area or you’re just average then it can certainly be a dampener on the intimacy with a Scorp and you may have to work darn hard to keep him attracted to you long-term.

When it comes to oral sex, most women think they are good at it. However, when surveyed, most men say that nine out of ten blow jobs they receive are just average or worse, and the woman doesn’t even realize what she’s doing wrong.

As simple as this task may seem, there are actually a few little-known key tricks that you can do to turn this part of your game into an absolute knockout experience and even make him fall in love with you, as sex instructor, Jack, explains here.

Final Thoughts

There is far more to the Scorpio man than meets the eye and sex with him can certainly be a truly profound, erotic, and intense experience.

Bear in mind that the Scorp male has deep emotions beneath the surface and it’s not merely about the physical act of sex that he’s interested in.

He wants to get to know you deeply and connect with you on a mental, emotional, and physical level in order for him to have and also give you a truly amazing intimate connection.

To discover more about how to turn on a Scorpio man sexually and ways that drive him wildly crazy for you, see my article on Scorpio Sextrology here.

Scorpio Man Turn-On Techniques

A Scorpio man is always interested in anything that is new and clicks with his imagination. To discover more about keeping his attention focused on you, check out the articles on my Homepage Here.

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