How To Tell If A Scorpio Man Likes You

a woman flirting with a Scorpio man in a cafe

a woman flirting with a Scorpio man in a cafeIf you’ve got your eye on a certain Scorpio man and you’re trying to figure out his true feelings towards you, then I can tell you, it can be hard to figure out whether or not a Scorpio man likes you in the early stages of getting to know him.

Men born under the astrological sun sign of Scorpio tend to be mysterious and unpredictable. Even if a man is not a Scorpio by his sun sign, but he has Scorpio in either his moon or rising sign then there may also be an element of these qualities in his character.

Scorpios are very intense, but they also try to hide their desires from people they do not know well or fully trust yet when in the early stages of getting to know someone.

A Scorpio’s interests aren’t always going to be obvious when you are first getting to know him as the male Scorp likes to maintain an air of mystery and play his cards close to his chest.

Male Scorpio’s are also very in touch with their emotions and feelings, although not one of them would likely admit it to you unless they felt they knew and trusted you well enough. As such, Scorpio’s by default always check in with their emotions, sometimes more so than their logic when it comes to making decisions. Even if something looks good on the surface, if it doesn’t “feel” right then he’s not interested.

For a woman to be able to attract a Scorpio man, she needs to be able to communicate to his subconscious and make him “feel” the way he truly wants to feel when he’s with her.

So, if you’ve got the hots for a Scorpio man and you’re trying to figure out if he likes you back then you may have to dig deeper if you want to find out his true feelings. The issue is this can take time depending on what type of Scorp you’re dealing with.

Most Scorpio males also usually have more than one admiring woman after him. The last thing you want to do is risk embarrassment by misinterpreting the signs or leave it too long and lose him completely to someone else.

In this article I’ll give you some great pointers to help you tell if he is into you too. However, if you want to short-cut all the guesswork and find out right now if the Scorpio man you have your eye on likes you too, then this Scorpio man playbook I reviewed will tell you exactly what you need to know to be able to read him like an open book and also what you need to know to make him yours.

So, without further ado, here are some of the top signs that a Scorpio man likes you back.

Sure Signs A Scorpio Man Likes You

He will never be far from you

a man and a woman who like each other at the beachIf a Scorpio man likes you then he will never be far from you if you are around. He will make attempts to try to “seemingly coincidentally” appear in your vicinity so the two of you have a chance to talk. He will also be watching for your reaction to his presence to try to gauge if you like him too.

He will admire you from afar

You may notice that he is stealing cheeky glances at you from afar. Scorpio men are pretty intense so if he likes you then you will probably be able to feel his gaze upon you. If you like him too and want him to talk to you then giving him an appreciative smile of his attention should help to bridge the gap and prompt him to come over to talk to you.

His pupils will dilate when he is talking to you

Scorpio men can be very visual as they have an appreciation for beautiful things. So if his pupils dilate to take in more of you when the two of you are speaking then he probably likes you. You will probably also notice that he hardly looks away from you when you are talking unless he is intensely shy.

He will find opportunities to make small talk with you alone

Scorpio’s are very private and if they like someone then they usually don’t want everyone to know about it right away. This is why a Scorpio man may ignore you in a group of people so no one catches on that he likes you. So, if you particularly find yourself in conversations with him when the two of you are conveniently alone or at least, not in earshot of other people then he may have orchestrated the timing of your conversation so he can talk to you in private.

He may seem somewhat awkward around you

Some Scorpio guys can be shy at first when they like someone. So if he seems a little awkward in your company then it may be because he’s into you.

He will start to reveal some private things about himself

Scorp’s are intensely private and rarely share personal details about themselves or their lives with people they don’t trust, and certainly not with people they don’t like. So if he starts sharing some private details with you then it is definitely a compliment as he would feel some level of trust with you and a desire to connect.

He may even ignore you sometimes

This one often confuses women and can be perceived as a lack of interest or even rudeness from him, but if he likes you then it is neither of these things. The reason he does this is due to his naturally guarded nature and just means that he’s either feeling a little self-conscious or shy at the time or he’s not reached a point where he trusts you sufficiently yet to show his feelings. Often, if a Scorp does this then it will usually be when other people are around too.

All this can be very confusing for a woman and can really throw you off your game. So if you want to cut through all the BS and basically be able to read a Scorpio man like an open book then one simple program can tell you everything you need to know to literally stay two steps ahead of him and get him chasing after you. I reviewed the program here.

He may be protective towards you

If he starts to act a little protective around you or even gets a little jealous if he sees you talking to other guys then he’s probably into you. However, bear in mind that Scorp’s can be fairly sensitive and highly intuitive so don’t try to make him jealous on purpose to try to get an idea if he likes you as he’ll likely see right through it and will not appreciate it. If he feels you’re manipulative and can’t be trusted then he’ll lose interest faster than you can blink. To make sure you know the right things to do when interacting with a Scorpio guy, then read Anna Kovach’s book, Scorpio Man Secrets. I reviewed it here.

He will remember what’s important to you

If he’s paying attention to things you are interested in then he cares enough to get to know you on a deeper level. He will make a mental note of things you say are important to you and then bring them up later in another conversation. He will do this instinctively as a way to connect with you.

a man and a woman looking at pictures together and enjoying each others company

He will try to see you at every chance he gets

If he’s into you then he’ll make sure he can take advantage of the opportunities to hang out with you. If this seems to be happening rather frequently then he’s probably got the hots for you.

He may ask you a lot of questions

If he seems to be asking you an unusually large amount of questions it’s because he is genuinely interested in getting to know you and is trying to find out what kind of person you are and what you’re into. If he really likes you then he will also be looking for any common interests that the two of you may share. Don’t be surprised if he finds one or two or ten!

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What You Can Do If You Think He Likes You Too

So, if you’ve been observing him and you think that he likes you too then you may be either wanting to try to get him to ask you out or are thinking of ways that you can ask him. To know how to get him to start chasing you in a way that’s natural and so he thinks it’s his idea then see my article here. If you’d prefere to take your chances and try to figure this out on your own then the following tips should be very helpful for you.

Make him feel admired by you

If you were to think back to when you’re a little girl, did you ever fantasise about one day meeting your prince charming who would come along and sweep you off your feet? Maybe you even imagined the absolutely perfect wedding you would have and how perfect your relationship would be after that? Of course you did. We all did, because, as women, this is just how we’re wired.

Well, the same also goes for men, too. However, their fantasy is not quite the same as ours. Guys instinctively have a different urge. An urge to be strong and being able to provide and ultimately, a desire to be deeply admired by the one they love.

However, men need to perceive this from us in a way that is totally natural, so he feels it in the centre of who he is as a man. If you want to find out more about the deepest desires that men, all men, have then read this article written by relationship expert, James Bauer.

Don’t Put Him On The Spot

If you’re interested in a man, you may be tempted to ask him about his feelings point blank. However, if you put a Scorpio on the spot, you may not be satisfied with the response that you get. Scorpios tend to be stubborn, and they prefer to feel like they have the power in social situations and retain a sense of mystery so they may not be willing to reveal their true feelings right away. If you want a Scorpio to tell you his real feelings, you need to let him do that on his own terms when he is ready if you want to attract him.

Thankfully, there are things you can do if you want to know how he feels about you. When you talk to a Scorpio guy, you should ask questions and create situations where he is free to talk about his feelings.

If you ask a Scorpio about the types of women he likes, he might admit that he’s attracted to women like you. If you ask him about an upcoming movie, he may ask you to see it with him.

As long as a Scorpio feels like he’s in control, you can push him to tell you all kinds of things. Ask questions and see how he responds to them. If his answers are encouraging, he just might be into you.

If you want to understand the Scorpio more deeply then read our article on the traits of Scorpio here.

a man and a woman liking a glass of wine together

Read His Body Language

Scorpios won’t always be honest about their feelings. Scorpio men don’t like to feel vulnerable; they think it makes them seem weak. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on words alone if you want to know how a Scorp feels. You can also look at his body language.

Watch his mouth when he looks at you. If his lips part, he may be attracted to you. Watch what he does with his hair. Scorpio men often try to fix their hair when they don’t think women are looking. Pay attention to where he puts his hands when you have a conversation. If he’s keeping his hands on his hips, he’s subconsciously trying to show off for you.

It’s okay if a Scorpio isn’t upfront about his feelings at first. Men are actually programmed to send out physical signs when they are interested in a woman. Learn to read those signs, and you’ll always know what your guy is really feeling.

If you’re wanting to be able to read any Scorpio man like an open book, all the secrets you need to know are completely laid out for you here in Scorpio Men Secrets. This Scorpio man playbook takes out all the guess work and shows you how you can tell if he is into you and exactly what you need to do to make him yours. Read our review of this book here.

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Make him feel how he truly wants to feel

As a woman, we want to feel loved and respected and nurtured by our man. We want to know that we can trust him completely and that he will always be there for us. However, we also want to feel beautiful and highly desirable and if a man can make us feel all those things then he’s one hell of a guy!

Similarly, men also have very specific things they want to feel when they’re with their woman in order to make them feel like the man they perceive they are or like the man they aspire to be. We all know that men and women do not think in the same way and so, the things they truly want to feel from a woman are different for them. It’s all governed by our subconscious.

Interestingly, this hidden world of the subconscious mind that is ultimately driving our romantic feelings of attraction and love and what men truly want to feel when the’re with a woman is explained in detail by relationship expert, James Bauer, in this article he wrote.

Let Him Initiate

Even if you’re excited to see your hot Scorpio guy, you should avoid approaching him at first if he’s a confident Scorp. Instead, stand back and wait for him to initiate a conversation. If a Scorpio goes out of his way to approach you, he’s probably very interested. However, his advances may not always be so blatent and obvious at first.

Determining whether or not someone likes you can be a big challenge. It can be even more difficult if the guy you like is a Scorpio. Thankfully, Scorpio men aren’t impossible to read. If you know what to look for, you can learn a lot about his feelings.

If you have had your eye on a Scorpio man for a while and you’ve been trying to find a way to get him to pursue you, then see our article here on getting him to chase you.

Need More Help? If you want to be able to trigger the simple trip wire in his mind that makes a man incredibly attracted to a woman, then read this article here on what men secretly desire, but won’t tell you.

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