How To Seduce A Scorpio Man And Make Him Yours

a woman trying to seduce a man

a woman trying to seduce a manHave you been struggling to win over a Scorpio? If your tried and true flirtation techniques aren’t working, don’t worry, because we have the answers you are looking for. Scorpio men aren’t like Leo’s or Geminis. If you want to seduce a Scorpio, you’re going to have to flirt in a way that is tailored specifically to their star sign.

If you know that a Scorpio man likes you then it will be much easier to seduce him. However, Scorpio men are notoriously difficult to read due to their mysterious nature and sometimes aloof demeanor. World famous astrologer, Anna Kovach is a leading expert on the Scorpio male and reveals controversial insights into his psyche that is telling women exactly what they need to know in order to seduce a Scorpio. We got hold of a copy of Anna’s work that reveal these secrets and wrote a review on it for our readers. Here’s what we have to say about her techniques.

Below, we have listed some of the key things that you must know and pay attention to in order to get your way with him.

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Seducing A Scorpio Man – What You Need To Know

Take It Slow

Scorpio men are natural sceptics. They question the behaviors of everyone around them. If you are overly pushy when you come on to a Scorpio, he may suspect that you have alternative motives. Moving too quickly could cause you to scare him away.

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Scorpio men also enjoy the thrill of the chase. They don’t want things to be handed to them; they want to work to get the things that they want. You can gently flirt with a Scorpio, but back off before things get too intense. If you want to seduce him, you’re going to have to entice him to seduce you.

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Ignite His Curiosity

Scorpio men can’t resist a mystery. If you give a Scorpio something to be curious about, he’s going to want to learn more about him. Don’t tell a Scorpio your life story the first time you meet him. Be evasive when he asks you questions. Make him work if he wants to learn more.

For Scorpio men, curiosity and passion are directly linked. If you can trigger feelings of curiosity when you interact with a Scorpio, you may also be able to ignite romantic feelings. Become the kind of mystery that he’ll want to solve.

If you can successfully ignite his curiosity then you are half way there to getting him to chase you, which will certainly be half the battle!

Over time, if you keep igniting his curiosity successfully then his interest can soon turn into an obsession for you.

If you want to know how to read a Scorpio man so you know exactly how to ignite his curiosity for you, make him feel mysteriously attracted to you and want to get you know you on a deeper level then check out the surprising research of a Scorpio expert here.

Use Dirty Talk

Scorpio men are highly sexual creatures and as such, they respond extremely well to a little dirty talk.

Being able to effectively slip a few naughty words and phrases into your conversation to get his pulse pumping will certainly get his attention. However, if you’re in the early stages of getting to know him then it is important to not be too overt.

Instead, rather than being too explicit too soon, avoid the very naughty words and just use a bit of sexual ambiguity. This is to use words and phrases that may have a sexual connotation, but can also at the same time be innocent. This will get him wondering if you meant the sexual implication or were your words, in face, totally innocent. Either way, he will start having sexual thoughts about you.

See my article on how to use dirty talk with a Scorpio guy to find out exactly how to do it.

Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

A lot of men love it when women ask them questions. A lot of men relish having the opportunity to talk about themselves. However, Scorpio men tend to be private. If you constantly ask him questions, you’re going to wind up turning him off.

Instead of asking him personal questions, you could ask him about his interests or passions. Scorpio men are often intellectuals, and they are frequently looking for someone that can keep up with them. If you want to seduce a Scorpio, you’re not going to be able to rely on your body; you’ll have to use your brain as well.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Get Sexy

Scorpio men are sexual creatures, and a sexy comment or two will definitely catch their interest. While you shouldn’t directly proposition a Scorpio, you should try to put thoughts of sex in his mind.

During a conversation, you may want to casually mention that you’ve bought some new lingerie, or that you’re planning on sleeping nude. Once you put sexual thoughts into a Scorpio’s brain, he won’t be able to stop thinking about it, and he’ll be much more likely to seduce you.

Winning over a Scorpio isn’t always going to be easy. Scorpio men are complex, and they’re not always willing to admit their own feelings. However, if you take the right approach, your seduction efforts should be successful. The right flirtation techniques will help you to attract the Scorpio man you desire and make him yours.

We know how frustrating it can be to chase someone who is just so damn difficult to read. If you want to cut out all the guess work and get a short-cut straight to his inner-most feelings then take a look at Anna Kovach’s astounding research into seducing a Scorpio guy. Here she reveals controversial information that can help you seduce any Scorpio man with ease and in a way that puts you in total control without coming across as desperate. You can discover Anna’s secrets for yourself here.

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