How to Seduce a Scorpio Man Through Text

a woman lying on a bed sending a text message

a woman lying on a bed sending a text messageIf you’ve met a hot Scorpio guy and now you’re trying to seduce him into wanting you too, then texting him can be a great way to go, if you do it right.

Seducing a guy through text is fun and can stir up all those excited “butterfly feelings” in your tummy each time you send a seductive message. Getting a cheeky reply from him in return can make you feel giddy with delight!

However, I’m sure you, like me, know all too well how easy it is to misinterpret a text or give someone the wrong impression with your messages.

When it happens it can be fatal for a new budding relationship.

Fortunately, well-known relationship expert, Amy North shows women how to avoid these all too easy to make mistakes, but instead, send messages that trigger the attraction process in his mind. Amy explains how to do it here.

In this article, I will also share my nine top tips for seducing a Scorpio man through text message to make him want you.

9 Tips For Seducing a Scorpio Man Via Text

Spark his curiosity

a woman sitting on her bed sending a text messageScorpio men love some mystery. So, if you want to entice your Scorpio crush, it is important that you avoid revealing too much about yourself too soon.

Regardless of how fast you want to win over that Scorpio man, failing to create a little anticipation will make him get bored.

What I’m trying to say is that you need to send him text messages that leave a little to his imagination and get him wondering about you. Not only will this make you appear more interesting to him, but it also has the effect of causing him to think about you.

The more he thinks about you, the more he will start to like you. Once he realizes he is thinking about you more and more, he will then start to realize that he has an attraction for you.

You need to grab the attention of that Scorpio male you are eyeing by making him eager to find out more about you. Tease him, stay mysterious and make him wonder what kind of a woman you really are so he has a mystery to uncover.

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Be yourself

Scorpio men respect and look for honesty and truthfulness in a partner. Therefore, your Scorpio crush wants you to be honest about who you are. He wants you to be unique and not pretend to be a person you are not.

With that in mind, it is important to be authentic when trying to win over a Scorpio man via text.

Just be relaxed and comfortable with him when you’re texting and be honest in what you say to him with regards to anything you may choose to tell him about yourself and your life. Scorpio’s are great at sniffing out a lie so if you lie to try to impress him then sooner or later he’ll figure it out and he won’t be impressed.

Don’t double-text

Patience is a virtue when dealing with a Scorpio man. If you want to make a Scorpio guy attracted to you, you must avoid the temptation of double texting. If he hasn’t replied to your first text then just leave it a while and give him a chance to respond when he is ready.

Sending one message after another can make you appear desperate and clingy, which can make your Scorpio fella pull back. It is important to remember that Scorpio men like doing the chasing.

In addition, patience is a must-have if you really want to prove to your Scorpio guy that you have other things to do other than sitting down and waiting for him to respond to your messages.

If you have made this critical mistake then follow the advice in this video from relationship expert Amy North.

Show him your confident side

Scorpio men love to take the lead. However, it is definitely okay to show your Scorp crush your confident side by sending him a few provocative and sexy messages. Being confident and suggestive with your text messages lets him know that you are going to be confident in the bedroom, which Scorpio’s absolutely love.

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As mentioned earlier, you do not need to give him every detail of what you are going to do to him. On the contrary, in the early stages of text flirting it is better to be vague and suggestible, rather than direct.

By sending him messages that will make him wonder if your text has a naughty connotation or are actually innocent will get his mind racing and thinking sexy things about you.

If and when the texting escalates to a more overt nature and you’re both feeling comfortable with it then you can get a bit more explicit like these examples here.

Send him your sexy and classy photo

two women sitting at a table sending a text messageScorpio men are very visual beings. So, if you want to charm him over text, sending him a picture of you in a pretty or sexy dress and asking his opinion about it will certainly get him thinking about you.

In addition, you may want to show him your curves, a little cleavage and wear some heels, or some stockings. In other words, he needs to see that you are a classy woman who has sex appeal.

However, it is important that you do not show him too much skin or send him pictures that will make him think you’re a slut because that will certainly turn him off or he will only then be interested in one thing.

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Stimulate his mind

Scorpio men are very smart people and they prefer to date intelligent women. So, when seducing him through texting, it is important that you stimulate his intellect as well as his imagination.

Find out about the things that he’s into, his desires and aspirations and ask him deeper questions about those topics. Showing an interest in his passions will get you to stand out above most of the other girls who don’t think to ask him such deep questions.

Play hard to get

This skill works wonders with a Scorpio fella as they love the chase. Therefore, you need to be able to use all the tricks to attract your Scorpio boyfriend. For instance, you do not have to respond to every text he sends you if his text does not need a response.

For example, if his text is not asking you a question then does it necessarily need an answer? Sometimes a simple emoji can speak a thousand words.

It is important that you let your Scorpio crush experience the thrill of chasing you. However, it is also very important that you make him realize that chasing you is a game that he can win, otherwise, he will get bored and lose interest.

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Give Compliments

Everyone loves receiving compliments and so do Scorp’s. So, if you are looking to win the heart of a Scorpio male, noticing how good he looks and how well he’s dressed would go a long way.

However, sending him fake compliments to make him feel good is a huge turn-off if they’re not sincere.

Final Thoughts

Scorpio men are very picky and stubborn so seducing them requires patience and confidence.

However, it is very important that you don’t text him anything that will make you sound like a dork. Although Scorpio guys enjoy some playful text flirting, if you say the wrong thing then you could turn him off completely.

Relationship expert Amy North teaches a really effective texting method that sparks feelings of love, desire and attraction in guys by sending them a few simple messages. If you want to make sure you always say the right thing when you text him so he starts to see you with the eyes of attraction then you can get the exact text messages Amy uses here.

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