How To Make A Scorpio Man Miss You

a man missing his ex girlfriend

a man missing his ex girlfriendWhen it comes to dating a Scorpio man, like all men, there will be times where your relationship is less than optimal.

Many women find that their man seems distant or he might even break things off with you, making you feel like there is absolutely no hope.

With how hard it is to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you, it is easy to see how them leaving could make you feel hopeless and left out in the cold. However, Scorpio men are actually very likely to get back together with their exes, all they need is a little push and to be reminded of the times that they spent with you.

However, if you’re in the situation then you want to leave nothing to chance as Scorpio men are also highly sexual and highly desirable males of the zodiac. For most Scorpio’s it is highly likely that there are also other women chasing him.

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Making A Scorpio Guy Miss You

The first thing to remember is that a Scorpio man is going to want his space. Scorpio men don’t want you to be clingy. Although they often have very deep emotions running below the surface, if they’re wanting some space then they won’t enjoy being forced to be emotional.

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Be upbeat and happy

You won’t get him to miss you by calling him all of the time, reminding him of the past, or anything that might work with other men. Instead, you need to cut your contact down to a minimum, just enough to spark his interest of what you may be doing.

At the times when you do have contact, be it via text message, phone call or even bumping into him, make sure that you always come across upbeat and happy at all times. This will firstly cause him to wonder if your time apart is really bothering you that much at all and secondly, by him seeing your happy side will remind him of all the good times that you both had together.

If there were generally more good times than bad in your relationship then he will more than likely start to miss you at some point and maybe even start to regret his decision to have some space from you.

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How to contact him

Don’t tell him that you miss him straight away. Instead, ask him how he has been. Wear a scent that triggers a memory of a time you had together if you are going to see him in person.

Send him a text message on a lazy Sunday and ask how he has been. Make sure you are never trying to talk to him when he would normally be busy as this could be more of an annoyance. Instead, you want him to have time to think about you as he is replying to your text message. Keep your conversation short and to the point.

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Getting him to remember the good times

As Scorpio guys can be very emotional, they will likely have strong emotional feelings about the good times the both of you had together. When in conversation, aim to get him to recall these pleasant memories he has of you by using phrases like, ‘do you remember the time when we…’ or ‘I was driving past our favorite restaurant last week and it reminded me of the time when…’. Once you open up this kind of conversation, get him to also recall the emotional experiences attached to those memories. For example, you could start to talk about how a particular memory made you feel at the time and how it makes you feel now when you remember it. Only choose positive memories with nice emotional feelings attached.

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How to be with him

You should never outright ignore a Scorpio man. Playing hard to get is not something that is going to win you any points with this kind of guy. Instead, you should make it clear that you will always be there for them, but that your interactions will be somewhat lacking until they want you back. This puts the ball in their court and allows them to be in control, which makes them feel at ease with the situation.

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Essentially to get a Scorpio man to miss you, you need to move on with your life but leave a spot for them in your heart. Make him feel that there may still be a chance with you, but do not make it obvious. Definitely, do not let him think that the door is wide open for him to walk back in whenever he chooses and you are putting your life on hold until he comes back.

With a little bit of time and the help of some memories and recalling a few positive emotional experiences, they may quickly try and make their way back into your arms. However, don’t leave things to chance and take the opportunity to use the law of attraction to get your ex back while you can with Amanda Walter’s book, Manifest Your Ex Back.

However, what is critical is to not leave things to chance and rely on just hope alone. The last thing you want if for your Scorpio man to be snapped up by another woman. To make sure that doesn’t happen, discover the secrets of getting him back which are exposed in Anna Kovach’s latest book here.

How To Make A Scorpio Man Miss You
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