How To Make a Scorpio Man Miss You

a san man and woman leaning up against a wall

a san man and woman leaning up against a wallWhen it comes to dating a Scorpio man, like all men, there will be times in your relationship where things are less than optimal.

Sometimes guys can seem distant for no apparent reason, act unemotional and not seem to care.

When this happens, he may just have a lot on his mind and need some time by himself. On the other hand, it could also be a sign that he is not happing in the relationship and is planning to leave.

With how hard it is to understand and figure out a Scorpio man, it is easy to see how this kind of beahviour can make you feel hopeless and left out in the cold.

If he still has feelings for you then it is more than possible that a Scorpio man will think about you and miss you if things aren’t going well or even if the two of you have broken up. However, it will take a little subtle convincing on your part to get him to show it and actively start chasing after you again.

Since one of the best things you can do at this time is to give him some space, sending him the occasional but meaningful text is a great way to get him to miss you.

However, you need to be strategic with your texts as you don’t want to suffocate him and run the risk of pushing him away even further.

If you’re in this situation then you don’t want to leave anything to chance as Scorpio men are highly desirable males of the zodiac. For most Scorp’s it is highly likely that there are also other women waiting in the wings or even pursuing him.

To avoid the risk of him drifting away from you completely or of another woman bagging your lover, you can send him these proven text messages tonight.

So, without further ado, here are my top tips to get him to miss you, think about you and want you back.

Making A Scorpio Guy Miss You

Give him some space

a sad woman looking at her boyfriendIf the two of you have recently separated then it is important to first give him (and yourself) some space to think things over.

While this can seem contrary to your instincts of wanting to call or text him at this time, giving him some space for a short while will not only give the both of you time to clear your heads, he will start to think about you and wonder what you are doing.

If he hasnt’ heard from you in a while he will inevitably start to wonder if you’ve moved on or if you’re with another guy.

If he still has feelings for you then not knowing what you are up to can drive him crazy and he may even reach out and contact you. When he does, send him these text messages in reply.

Scorpio guys hate needy and clingy women, so once the two of you are communicating, avoid double texting or asking him too many questions.

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Be upbeat and happy

You won’t get him to miss you by calling him all of the time, reminding him of the past or demanding his attention.

Instead, you need to cut your contact down to a minimum, just enough to spark his interest in what you may be doing.

At the times when you do have contact, be it via text message, phone call or even bumping into him in the street, make sure that you always come across upbeat and happy at all times.

This will firstly cause him to wonder if your time apart is really bothering you that much at all and secondly, by him seeing your happy side will remind him of all the good times that you both had together.

If there were generally more good times than bad in your relationship then he will more than likely start to miss you at some point and maybe even start to regret his decision to have some space from you.

Scorp’s hate the idea of another guy moving in on his woman, even if you’re not together anymore. While you should definitely not go out of your way to try to make him jealous, if he sees that you are happy and upbeat he may then start to wonder if you’ve found a new man.

In this case, if he still has feelings for you then he will want to find out what is going on with you and if he can get you back.

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How to contact him

Once you have allowed a sufficient amount of time where the two of you are not in contact (experts recommend about thirty days), the best way to initiate contact with him is by text.

However, we all know that text messages can be interpreted in different ways depending on a person’s mood when they read it.

Misunderstandings occur by text message all the time and one of the absolute worst times for a misunderstanding by text is during or after a breakup. If you get this bit wrong then it can blow your chances of getting back with him completely.

This is why so many people reach out to a relationship expert for help during times of a breakup. However, their fees can be quite high.

Fortunately, relationship expert Amy North recognized this as being a big problem.

Amy realized that she can reach for more people through the internet rather than helping them one to one in her office. As she would be able to reach a lot more people online, she can, therefore, afford to keep her costs low.

So, Amy has created an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on exactly what to do, what to say and when to say it in order to get him to chase you again and recover your relationship if that’s still what you want.

Amy has helped thousands of people re-spark the passion in their relationship and recover from a breakup. Amy explains exactly what you need to do here.

a woman lying on a bed sending a text message

Getting him to remember the good times

Once you have gotten him to open up and communicate with you, be it over text or in person, you can then start to get him to remember all the good times the two of you had together.

As Scorpio guys can be very emotional, they will likely have strong emotional feelings about the good times the both of you had together.

When in conversation, aim to get him to recall these pleasant memories he has of you by using phrases like, ‘do you remember the time when we…’ or ‘I was driving past our favourite restaurant last week and it reminded me of the time when…’.

Once you open up this kind of conversation, get him to also recall the emotional experiences attached to those memories. For example, you could start to talk about how a particular memory made you feel at the time and how it makes you feel now when you remember it.

Only choose positive memories with nice emotional feelings attached.

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How to be with him

You should never outright ignore a Scorpio man. Playing hard to get is not something that is going to win you any points with this kind of guy.

Instead, you should make it clear that you will always be there for him, but that your interactions will be somewhat lacking until/unless the two of you get back together.

This puts the ball in his court and allows him to be in control. This will make him feel more at ease with the situation initially as he will not feel pressured to do anything. However, once he realizes that you will not be waiting around for him, he will feel compelled to act if he does not want to lose you.

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Essentially to get a Scorpio man to miss you, you need to move on with your life but leave a spot for him in your heart. Make him feel that there may still be a chance with you, but do not make it too obvious and certainly don’t let him think that you will be waiting around for him.

Definitely, do not let him think that the door is wide open for him to walk back in whenever he chooses and you are putting your life on hold until he comes back.

With a little bit of time and the help of some memories and recalling a few positive emotional experiences, he may quickly try and make his way back into your arms.

However, don’t leave things to chance with a Scorp as they often have other women interested in them. Coach Amy North shows you exactly what you need to do, what text messages you need to send him and how to say it to get him wanting you back. She tells you everything you need to know here.

Lastly, getting into the psyche of your Scorp lover and understanding what makes him tick, what he really wants in a relationship and how to be the kind of woman he craves is the secret to getting him back and keeping. Relationship astrologer Anna Kovach, explains exactly how to do this in her new book, Scorpio Man Secrets. I reviewed it for my readers here.

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