How To Keep A Scorpio Man For The Long-Term

a young couple laying on the grass

a young couple laying on the grassAre you in a relationship with a Scorpio man? Would like to keep him interested in you for good? If your answer is yes, the first step you need to take is to familiarize yourself with the character of your Scorpio guy with regard to what makes him tick and what turns him off. It is also important that you understand the kind of qualities that Scorpio men admire in and desperately want in a woman.

The secret of keeping your Scorpio partner is to ensure that you are doing things that will make him commit to you forever. In this article, you are going to gain insight into the things you need to do in order to appeal to your Scorpio man forever, as well as those you need to avoid doing.

How To Keep A Scorpio Man Hooked Forever

Appreciate and compliment him

Your ambitious, caring and loving Scorpio guy wants to feel appreciated. He wants you to tell him that you are grateful for everything that he does for you as his partner. Appreciating his hard work and support will certainly make him realize that you do not take his kind and caring deeds for granted.

What’s more, it is important that you compliment him from time to time on his looks, sense of humour, abilities, decision-making skills, integrity, and his distinguishing character traits in general. Praising and showing appreciation for your Scorpio guy enables him to believe in himself, and it will certainly motivate him to do even more nice things for you in return.

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Appeal to him physically

Physical attraction is really important to your passionate Scorpio fella. What’s more, Scorpio men are considered to be highly visual, and they tend to be attracted to what they see. So, if you really want to attract your Scorpio man and make him commit to you forever, you need to display qualities that will make you irresistible and attractive such as your confidence, and independence.

It is important that you take care of your physical appearance by exercising, wearing sexy clothes, doing your hair nicely for him, and doing whatever else that will make you extremely desirable to him.

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Initiate sex

Scorpio men are known to love sex more than any other zodiac sign. So, it is important that you get to understand that the desire of your Scorpio man is to engage in mind-blowing foreplay, dirty talk and sweet and passionate love-making with you.

Having said that, it is important that you also indulge him in exciting and adventurous sex. In other words, you need to be willing to be part of his deepest, darkest fantasies and to express your love for him through your physical intimacy.

It is important that you make yourself a skilled lover while in between the sheets with your Scorpio guy. This entails doing things that will make him yearn for you sexually, as well as trying new things with him.

Your ability to understand, accept and fulfil his sexual needs and desires will certainly keep your Scorpio man interested in you for the long-term, and his love for you will be immense.

As mentioned previously, Scorpio men respond very well to dirty talk, it drives them wild. However, if you do it wrong then you could quickly become his biggest turn off. If you want to learn how to use your words to get him intensely hot for you and only you then you can learn exactly how to do it here.

Be honest and trustworthy

Scorpio men admire honesty and loyalty. So, in order to win the trust of your Scorpio boyfriend and make him commit to you forever, you need to prove to him that you are a reliable and loyal partner. It is important that you always tell him the truth no matter how ugly a situation looks.

What’s more, Scorpio men can sometimes be excessively jealous as the desire of your Scorpio man is to have you all to himself. In other words, never give your Scorpio partner a reason to suspect that you are cheating on him with another man because he will certainly walk out on you.

a woman in a relationship with her boyfriend helping him with his tie

Avoid controlling or manipulating him

Scorpio men always want to be in control of situations. So, if you want your relationship with Scorpio boyfriend to last forever, it is imperative that you let him take the leading role, and take charge of things in your relationship. In other words, avoid dominating or manipulating him because he will pull away if he feels like you are threatening his desire to lead and exercise authority.

However, do not be completely submissive or show him you are a weak partner because that will certainly turn him off.

Flirt with him

Your Scorpio partner is a fan of flirting. Therefore, if you really want to keep the passion alive and get the attention of your Scorpio man, it is important that you make use of effective flirting techniques.

Some of the ways you can flirt with him include wearing a suggestive dress that does not reveal too much, taking him out on a surprise date, sending him wild texts or teasing him with your hot pictures, and complimenting him.

It is important that you try as much as possible to keep him guessing about things so that he does not get bored. In other words, the secret of flirting with your Scorpio guy and making him excited is to make it not so easy for him to figure out stuff such as where you are taking him for a date, what you are wearing beneath your black suggestive dress, just to mention, but a few.

Final Thoughts

The list above is not exhaustive, but it will certainly help you to keep your Scorpio guy happy and interested in you for the long-term. However, it is important that you exercise a lot of patience because getting your Scorpio man to commit to you forever will not happen overnight more so if you’ve just started dating.

Learning to understand your Scorpio man on a deep level will enable you to get him to open up and connect with you so the two of you can have the deep, meaningful connection you have always wanted to have. To discover exactly what makes a Scorpio man tick, how he thinks about women, relationships, love and sex and how you can form a loving bond with him for the long-term, see my article here.

Sexual intimacy is very important to a Scorpio as it is one of the primary ways they are able to feel a deep, emotional conncetion with their partner. If you want to be able to excite the flames of passion in him to the point where he sees you as his only salvation when it comes to sex, love and intimacy then learning to speak the language of desire will have a huge impace on him. You can learn the exact sexual words that appeal to a Scorpio here.

How To Keep A Scorpio Man For The Long-Term
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