How To Keep a Scorpio Man Happy In the Bedroom In 8 Steps

a woman on the bed with her boyfriend making him happy

a woman on the bed with her boyfriend making him happyFor Scorpio men, sexual intimacy is high up there on his list of priorities. He is a sexual creature, in touch with his feelings and emotions. Because of this, he views sex as the ultimate way to connect deeply with his partner.

Scorpio men usually have intense passion and sexual energy and they can be amazing lovers.

While Scorpio men always find sex fun and exciting, for him, it is far more fulfilling if there is also a level of emotional connection between him and his partner.

In other words, a Scorp wants to have sex with a woman with whom he feels a strong attraction and emotional bond. She also needs to be a woman who can handle his high sexual drive, varied desires, and sexual needs if the relationship is going to last.

For anyone, sexual attraction is an essential part of a relationship if it is going to be lasting and fulfilling. As sex and intimacy are so significant for a Scorpio male, his partner will need to know exactly how to push his hot buttons and keep him interested in bed if their relationship is going to last.

He wants to be with a woman who can ignite his passion and indulge in his sexual fantasies with him.

Sex therapist, Felicity Keith carried out a recent study into the psychological aspects that trigger attraction, sexual desire, and even love, with surprising results.
Her study found that a Scorpio man will become hyper-aroused when his lover whispers in his ear before and during intimacy, foreplay, and intercourse. Her study also found that there are particular words and phrases that have a potent impact on triggering his sub-conscious pathways for finding her highly sexually attractive.

Felicity shares the process in detail and how any woman can apply the same methods to achieve the same or similar results in this video here.

Tips for Making Your Scorpio Man Feel Satisfied in the Bedroom

Below are ways to make your Scorpio guy feel amazing while in between the sheets with you:

Sensual stroking

a woman layin on top of her boyfriend on the bedScorpio men love foreplay. To put your Scorp in the mood, it is important that you engage him in lots of pre-intercourse fun.

Stroking, caressing and seductively teasing him with you’re touch is a great way to start to get him turned on.

Alternating between lightly stroking him and firmly (but still gently) biting and nibbling parts of his body can start to drive him wild.

This is especially effective when you kiss his neck and up behind his ear and can send feelings of pleasure shooting all through him.

His genitals are his main erogenous zone, so paying them a good amount of attention during foreplay will definitely be appreciated and get him excited for you.

Stroking and caressing him in just the right way is important to get his pulse racing. If you’re too rough then it can be painful and not so pleasurable for him. If you’re too gentle then it may turn him off so.

Oral sex

Scorp’s love all kinds of foreplay, but what he especially loves is oral sex. A woman who is exceptionally good at giving head can get a Scorpio guy so hot that he will actually crave to be with her.

If a woman has mastered this technique, it doesn’t matter if she is average looking, she will quickly become a ’10’ in his eyes and he will not let her go.

However, if the way you give head is average or worse, below average, then over time your Scorp guy can start to feel less sexually satisfied and the attraction will start to wane. I know this sounds kinda shallow, but it’s that important.

The surprising truth is that most women think they are good at oral sex, but when surveyed, the majority of men said that most women were pretty average at it or not particularly very good at all. Most men have only had one girlfriend in their life who could ‘blow his socks off’ (pardon the pun) when it came to oral sex.

Jack Hudson is a sex instructor and teaches women how to make their men sexually addicted to them. He explains the secret to giving the best blow job ever in this video.

Create some mystery

Scorpio men love mysteries and the best thing you can do for him is to surprise him.

To make your Scorpio man happy in bed, it is important that you keep him on his toes. In other words, you should always make it hard for him to guess what you will do to him next.

The secret is to do things that will keep him intrigued and interested in you even after the sex has ended.

Such surprises can be new sex positions, dirty talk, shared fantasies, dressing up, erotic massages and even introducing toys into your love play.

It is very important to understand that just doing the same things with your Scorpio man will soon bore him as a Scorp craves variety.

So, avoid being predictable at all costs. If he tells you that he particularly likes something that you do then, by all means, bring it back into the mix from time to time. Otherwise, mix it up.

Dirty talk

Learning how to talk dirty to your Scorpio guy cannot be overemphasized. Talking dirty to him encourages him to share his deepest fantasies, thus making you part of them. It also firmly massages the most erogenous zone in his body; his brain.

Talking dirty will not only help you understand what your Scorpio lover wants you to do to him, but it will also make him insatiably obsessed with you, and only you.

Being able to talk dirty to him actually makes you appear 10x more confident and sexy in his eyes and will get him hot thinking of you, even when you’re not around.

Unfortunately, many women feel too shy to talk dirty to their partners. However, once you get past any initial awkwardness you may feel, it is actually very empowering once you see the profound effect that it has on him as he looks at you with intense desire, totally fixated on you and hanging on every word.

If you’re a nice girl who wants to express her naughty side then Felicity Keith tells you what you need to know to talk dirty effectively in this video here.

Be adventurous

Scorpio men are adventurous and their desire is to also connect sexually with an adventurous woman. Therefore, while in between the sheets with your Scorpio partner, it is important that you get out of your sexual shell.

In other words, you need to break through shyness and become that sexy woman your Scorpio partner wants you to be.

If you want your Scorpio lover to enjoy the sexual experiences he has with you, then you need to be able to spark his internal processes for desire and sexual attraction.

Pillow talk is an excellent way to do this. Felicity Keith shows you exactly how you can do it with confidence here.

Furthermore, your Scorpio partner will certainly find it thrilling if you suggest watching porn together. You can create the mood to be sexual by wearing sexy lingerie, playing soft music, lighting some candles, incorporating some sex toys, and having flexibility with regard to sexual positions.

Maintain eye contact

The first thing you will notice about a Scorpio man in love is that he tends to engage in a lot of eye contact. Therefore, to be able to decode your Scorp’s body language, it is important that you maintain eye contact during foreplay and intercourse.

Eyes have a way of responding to the emotions. Therefore, paying attention to your Scorp’s eyes will certainly give you a hint of whether he is enjoying the sweet moments with you or not.

Stimulate his erogenous zones

The most common erogenous zone for many people is the genitals. However, Scorpio men find their genitals to be extremely sensitive due to their sexually charged nature.

Therefore, if you want to ignite the passion in your Scorp guy, stroking and caressing his genitals will do the trick to get him started. However, do not forget to be gentle when doing it.

You can ask him for feedback from time to time and ask him if he likes it harder, slower, softer and so forth so you can learn what he really likes.

Let him dominate

Scorpio men are sexually dominating. Therefore, to make your Scorpio guy happy while in between the sheets, it is important that you allow him to make you happy while you take the submissive role.

Your Scorpio boyfriend wants to reciprocate the favor by taking care of your sexual fantasies and desires. So, to make him feel great about his sexual prowess, it is important that you open up and tell him what you would love him to do for you.

Showing him that you are highly enjoying all the things he is doing to you is a great ego massage for him and will also turn him on all the more.

If you make him feel like a hero in bed then he will want to satisfy you all the more.

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Final Thoughts

Scorpio guys are the most sexual signs of the zodiac. For him, sex and intimacy are not only pleasurable, but it is also a way for him to connect with you in a deep and meaningful way.

Being able to trigger his psychological processes for attraction and love, as sex therapist, Felicity Keith shows here, is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to become the center of his desires.

If you want to keep your Scorpio man interested in you, it is important to take the time to learn what makes him happy in bed and become the woman who can satisfy his sexual needs and desires like no other woman has been able to before.

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