How To Get a Scorpio Man Chase To You – 8 Fun Steps

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Last Updated on December 23, 2021

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If you want to know how to get a Scorpio man to chase you, you first need to understand his psychology and how he thinks.

We all know that the zodiac sign of a person can reveal to us a lot about their personality and potential compatibility with future lovers.

For this reason, understanding a man’s sign is often the key to understanding how we can make him love us.

Of all men, Scorpios are some of the hardest to catch due to their mysterious nature, making it even more important to understand what they are really after in a person and in a relationship.

One key to getting a Scorpio guy to chase after you is to first understand the characteristics of your crush and learn exactly what will get his attention.

To get this understanding, discover the little-known secrets to the Scorpio man psyche that makes him crave and desire you as explained by top astrologer and Scorpio expert, Anna Kovach.

Anna has written a powerful and controversial book that promises to get any Scorpio man hot for you. I reviewed it here for my readers.

So, without further ado, here are my top tips for getting a Scorpio guy to chase after you.

How To Get a Scorpio Man To Chase You For a Date

If a Scorpio man is into you then he will start to pursue you. However, he may be somewhat covert about it, especially in the early stages of getting to know you. This is especially true for young or shy Scorpio’s.

Scorpios like to be mysterious and play their cards close to their chest. He may not want you to know he is after you straight away until he feels that you like him too. Once he gets a sense of this, he will up the ante.

If he is a confident Scorpio man then he will likely be more forward in chasing you right from the beginning. He can be a charming character when he wants to be.

Here are some useful tips on how to get a Scorpio man to chase you.

Make Him Obsessed With You

Scorpio is unique in the zodiac and has two rulers, Mars and Pluto.

Mars, the planet of desire, abundant energy, and action combined with Pluto, the God of the underworld responsible for transformation, emotion, and deep intuition together make Scorpio men highly influenced and in touch with their emotions.

So, why is this important to a woman who wants to attract a Scorpio and get him to chase her?

Simply, if you can tap into his emotions and speak to the more primal, desire-driven part of his mind then you will pique his interest and draw him to you.

Mars rules our sexual desires, which is why the Scorpio is a particularly sexy and sexual sign. Therefore, a Scorpio will obsessively set his sights on anything he strongly desires and does everything he can to pursue and chase down his goal.

However, due to joint ruler Pluto, he may not pursue an action or a decision unless he feels it is the right thing for him and he also has an intuitive feeling that destiny is involved.

If these two come together in perfect unison then it is like dynamite and the Scorpio will stop at nothing to make the object of his desire (you) his own.

Fortunately, relationship expert, Jame Bauer has developed a controversial yet highly effective technique that unlocks the hidden desires in a man’s brain. James calls this phenomenon, a man’s “Secret Obsession”.

According to James, these Obsession Triggers enable you to speak directly to the emotional centers in his brain to speak to his emotions as if it were his own intuitive voice guiding him.

When this happens, it can trigger feelings of obsession and love that cause him to feel a burning passion for the woman who has touched him in such a profound way.

I thought this all sounded a bit far-fetched at first, but after watching James’ video explaining how it works I thought it was worth sharing. You can see the video is here and judge for yourself.

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Understand His Life Plan

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The first thing to know about Scorpio men is that they are always (or always want to be) in control.

This does not mean that they are controlling men regarding wanting to control other people, but rather, they always want to feel a sense of control over themselves and their emotions.

For this reason, Scorpio men can often be especially hard to read.

These are not men who are going to let others see their emotional side easily until they feel a certain level of trust.

They are also not men who will abandon their life plans or make drastic changes to them for a woman as they generally have very precise goals of what they want to achieve in their lives.

Instead, they will look for someone who will fit well with their plan and who will support them, pushing them onward to achievement and greater things.

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Any woman who wants a Scorpio man for a long-term commitment will need to make sure that she has her own life in order and that a relationship with the man she is interested in is going to be helpful to both of them.

This is one of the important stepping stones to getting a Scorpio man to fall in love with you because when he is at that stage of finding a partner to settle down with, he will look for someone who will also be supportive of his goals and needs and not be reliant on him for constant financial or emotional support.

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Don’t Play Games With Him

Next, Scorpio men do not like to lose and do not like to waste time. Women who want a man to chase them, but don’t intend to give in or want to play games will not have much luck with a Scorpio.

These men do enjoy working for and earning everything in their lives, but they do need to feel like their goal is achievable.

Don’t tease too much, but don’t throw yourself at him either. Instead, allow him to earn your trust while laying out your expectations in a way that will avoid disappointment for everyone involved.

To learn exactly how to gain his trust, learn the secrets of Scorpio men here.

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Get Him To Trust You

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Regarding earning trust, women will need to earn the trust of their Scorpio men as well. He will not easily tell you his secrets and will resent having a large number of questions asked of him at first.

Accept the information that he gives you, do not talk to others about him, and show him that you are willing to be part of his world.

When one of these men sees that a woman is ready to work with him, rather than against him, he will often give them an unbreakable trust that serves only to strengthen the relationship.

Scorpio men think of their lives in the long term. Make sure it is clear that you want to settle down, make a life together, and work together as a team.

A woman who is just looking to date for a while and not getting serious is not going to have much luck with a Scorpio. This is even more important if you are chasing a more mature Scorpio man.

A woman who is grounded and looking for more stability in her life will have the best luck with these men.

Scorpio Man Sextrology: read our in-depth review here

If you can get a Scorpio man to fall for you and chase you, their love is deeper than any other you will ever know.

Their best trait is their intense loyalty and willingness to do anything for the ones they love. With a Scorpio man at your side, you will succeed at anything you put your mind to.

Due to their charismatic and sexually alluring persona, Scorpio men often have more than one woman chasing them, especially if they are single.

If you want to jump ahead of the competition and show him that you’re the one who truly understands him then learn the Scorpio Men Secrets here.

What You Can Do To Get a Scorpio Man To Chase After You Again

If your Scorpio man has suddenly gone cold on you then you first need to figure out what’s wrong.

The Scorpio man is a deep thinker and often he could just have problems or worries on his mind that actually have nothing to do with you.

On the other hand, if he also seems moody, off-hand, or even angry then it’s highly likely he’s upset with you in some way and you will need to find out what it is quickly.

Find Out What’s Wrong

Scorpio men are faithful and committed lovers so if all is well in your relationship but he suddenly seems withdrawn then appreciate you being supportive towards him and showing concern.

Asking him what’s on his mind in a loving way will more likely get him to open up to you and share what’s bothering him.

If it’s something you can help with then do what you can to assist. If it’s not something that you can get involved with then just be there for him, listen to him, and lend a supportive ear so he can talk things through with you.

This is an easy problem to handle. all you need to do is be there for him and offer your support until the problems are over. He’ll appreciate you all the more for it afterward.

If the issue is not with him, but rather, with you and your feelings towards him changing then he may have sensed this change. Scorpio men are highly intuitive and they will be very much in tune with you.

If he senses that your feelings for him are fading then he will pick up on it pretty quickly.

If this is the case but you do still want the relationship to work then you will need to spend some time reflecting on your own feelings for him to see why you’re feeling differently. work towards rekindling your love for him and he will pick up on it soon enough.

A more severe issue is when a Scorpio man is angry with you. While he does have a fearsome temper, if he is communicating with you then it’s likely not as bad as it seems. He is giving you the chance to talk, which means on some level he wants to work things out.

The real issue comes if he is angry and has completely gone silent on you. If this is the case then he may have shut down his feelings towards you.

You need to get him to open up pretty quickly as this is a sign that your relationship with him could be on the rocks.

Ask Him To Share His Feelings

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When you ask him directly to tell you what’s bothering him, he will usually tell you about it.

While he may not open up straight away, he will do so in most cases with a little prompting.

Scorpio men are very sensitive to their partner’s mood and he also wants to feel that you are in tune with him too.

So asking him first what’s wrong will show him that you are aware and respectful of his feelings. You can then do what is necessary to resolve the situation depending on what is causing the issue.

Be Patient

Once you have talked through the issues with him, give him some time to process everything. Relationships are important to him and he will want to work through the problem as quickly as possible.

During this phase, be kind, supportive, and understanding. He will appreciate this and it will also help him to remember why he fell for you in the first place.

Apologize If You Are In The Wrong

If it turns out that he is angry with something he thinks you have done then the first step is to reflect on the situation to determine if you are actually in the wrong or if he has got the wrong end of the stick.

Regardless, it is important to act fast. The longer he is cold to you the less likely he will be to feel loving towards you again.

If you are in the wrong then apologize in earnest. He will appreciate and respect you admitting fault and wanting to make good. if it is just a misunderstanding then explain your position to help him see if he has misjudged your actions.

Being supportive, understanding, and non-defensive will enable him to see you as a great partner. This will go a long way in re-igniting his love for you. Once the issue is behind you, he will then begin to chase you again.

Final Thoughts

Trust and honesty are very important to a Scorpio man so it is critical that you do what you can to show him you are someone he can trust totally and completely.

Scorpio man also looks for someone who can be a compliment and not a drain or distraction to his life goals. Show your supportive side and let him also see your independent nature.

Scorpio man is very driven and doesn’t like to be messed around, so don’t play games with him to try to win his affections or he will quickly get bored and move on. Instead, work toward communication with him on an emotional level to spark a natural and lasting connection with him.

Using James Bauer’s Obsession Triggers can help you communicate with him on this level and get your Scorpio man to chase you. You can discover how to use James’ method here.

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