How To Flirt With A Scorpio Man Over Text

a man flirting with text messages

a man flirting with text messagesNowadays, text messages are one of the most popular ways of flirting because they are convenient and can be written at any time of day regardless of the distance between you and your love interest. If you are into a Scorpio man and you would like to capture his attention by texting him, this article will help you gain insights on some things that you need to do to get his blood pumping for you.

How to Flirt With a Scorpio Guy With Your Text Messages

Initiate the contact

If you want to flirt with a Scorpio guy over text, do not wait for him to initiate the flirting game as Scorpio’s will rarely text you first. Pick up your phone and text him anything, which could be just a simple hello to get the ball rolling. However, as you do this, bear in mind that the Scorpio guy does not like neediness or desperation so it is important to avoid acting in this way if you want to successfully flirt with him.

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Keep him guessing about your personal life

When a Scorpio guy likes you, he is likely to text you just to check up on you. In order to confirm if you are interested in him, a Scorpio man is likely to want to find out how you are doing and how your day was. It is important to note that a Scorpio guy would prefer to have some mystery that they can figure out. Therefore, you can flirt with a Scorpio man by texting him ambiguously about things he wants to know. The secret is to keep it mysterious because he would love to keep guessing. As such, Scorps also love to surround themselves with an air of mystery so it is likely that he will be vague with you and try to keep you guessing too.

Tease him by texting him hot pictures of yourself

Scorpio men are known to be highly visual and very sexual. Therefore, in order to capture his interest, you can send him your hot and flirtatious pictures. Ensure that you keep his blood boiling by showing him just enough skin, but not too much that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Don’t give it all away in a text.

If you text him an eye-catching image of yourself, you can be sure it will make him hot under the collar for you and get his mind wandering all day long!

Keep the text messages precise

A Scorpio guy tends to keep his texts very precise and to the point. Therefore, when flirting with him be sure to keep your texts short because if you tell him too much, he may get bored with needing to read lengthy texts. You can text him questions that are about knowing him because he is likely to answer them in just a sentence or two.

Compliment him

Scorpio men are known to text their woman whenever they notice that she looks nice. If you want to capture the Scorpio’s attention, it is important to note that compliments about his intelligent brain, body, or looks would definitely make him feel good. However, ensure that you compliment him without being pretentious and dishonest. In addition, try not to overdo the compliments.

Ask for his help

It is the nature of a Scorpio man to want to make someone happy and offer support. To flirt with a Scorpio man over text, you can text him and ask for his help in something you are sure he is capable of accomplishing. For instance, you could ask him to help you solve a difficult math equation, and from that text, a study date is guaranteed if he is into you. See my article here for more signs he is into you.

Pick the right time

Before a Scorpio guy texts you, he will want to ensure that he is texting at the right time and that he is not interfering with your schedule. Before you flirt with a Scorpio man with text messages, be sure to pick the right time. Otherwise, you are likely to put him off if you text him when they are busy.

Use the emoticons with caution

As I said earlier in this article, a Scorp loves a good mystery. Therefore, you can be a little ambiguous with your text messages by not using smileys every now and then. The idea is to keep him guessing what your words mean and to build up some tension and mystery for your Scorpio guy. Ensure that you use cues that involve your intentions while ensuring you are not revealing everything.


If you are still wondering how you can flirt effectively with a Scorpio man with text messages, the idea is to keep the text messages short, fun, playfully teasing and tantalizing. When text-flirting a Scorpio man, ensure that you give him the occasional compliment and tell him a few things that he will love to hear. Use your language in a sexually ambiguous way to get him wondering if you really meant the sexual innuendo form your message or if it was merely innocent. This is a fun game that keeps a Scorpio’s mind guessing and his pulse racing.

How To Flirt With A Scorpio Man Over Text
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