How To Attract a Scorpio Man – 9 Easy Ways To Make Him Smitten

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Last Updated on January 7, 2022

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Due to his mysterious and secretive nature, knowing how to attract a Scorpio man can often be a challenge for most women.

By discovering exactly what he is looking for in a woman, attracting him to you will become much easier.

It goes without saying that the more you can understand his psyche, and what he’s interested in, will open the door to building a relationship with him.

Once you know this, you will then have a huge advantage over all the other women out there who are also trying to seduce the Scorpio hottie you have your eye on.

Let’s face it, ladies, the last thing you want to do is to lose him to another woman! But fear no more, this article will tell you what you need to know to make him yours.

Every woman who is interested in a Scorpio guy wants to know his hot buttons; what get’s him steamy for you and how can you ignite his burning passion and direct his attention to you…

Well, as we recently discovered, it is more than possible to do this when you have the right information.

I was surprised at first when I came across the Scorpio Man Secrets book by astrology, Anna Kovach. At first, I thought it was another one of those gimmicky books with a catchy title but no substance.

However, this book is packed full of revealing and intimate secrets about the Scorpio male mind. I reviewed Anna’s book here for my readers.

How To Attract a Scorpio Man – 9 Tactics You Can Use

Understand his character

Above all, a Scorpio male is incredibly ambitious and driven as far as work and other areas of his life are concerned. So it is probably best to leave your attempts at attracting his attention until after hours.

Let him chase you rather than chasing him and make him work for what he wants instead of making it too easy for him. However, it is usually good to give a Scorpio guy a little bit of subtle encouragement to make him think you may be interested.

Subtly flirt and then back off to get his interest. Watch for his reaction to seeing if he is now wondering if indeed you may be interested.

Don’t be too subtle with your gestures though. Give him enough to get him wondering about you.

Once you can see he is starting to think you may be interested, then start to back off a little (just a little) to draw him in.

Generally speaking, a Scorpio man is independent and can also be a bit of a control freak at times. This controlling need for most Scorpios is not usually in the sense of needing to control others, but rather a need to feel that they are in control of their life and their work.

Allowing a Scorpio man to feel like he is in control of situations will be a good move on your part if you want to attract him.

For the most part, tossing your hair or pouting your lips will not usually be enough to have the desired effect on a Scorpio. You will need to get to know him, relate to him, and go for him on an emotional level.

Your Scorpio man is going to be very passionate about everything that he is interested in. His strong passionate nature is also great news and a lot of fun when it comes to the bedroom!

Showing an equal measure of passion can score you some brownie points, especially if you let him know you are also adventurous and daring when it comes to sex.

You can learn more about the personality traits of the Scorpio male here.

Become too hot to resist!

A Scorpio man is first and foremost attracted to the outside rather than the inside. Fickle as this may seem, he needs to find you physically appealing before he will consider spending time getting to know you better.

This does not mean that he is shallow, but father, he is first and foremost attracted by your physical look, but for most Scorpio guys this alone is not enough.

So, your physical look will be the doorway to get his attention and from there he will be far more likely to want to get to know you to see what else you have going for you than just this.

Attract a Scorpio man physically

A woman in a bar learning how to attract a Scorpio Man

Scorpio guys are attracted to women who take care of themselves and show pride in their appearance.

Yes, Scorpios are drawn to physically attractive women, but this doesn’t mean you need to be the hottest girl in town. If there are things about you physically that he finds attractive then he will be drawn to you.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean he’s a superficial guy who’s only interested in looks, actually, quite the opposite.

What he’s really looking for is a deep and meaningful connection with someone he can trust and also have great sexual chemistry with.

However, he will need to also find you physically appealing too.

When dressing to impress a Scorp, sexy, appealing but not too revealing is the way to go to attract his attention.

Leave something to the imagination, let him see you are a sexy minx but also with a touch of sophistication if you want to get him to chase you.

For more detailed info on exactly what to wear to make a Scorpio guy hot for you, see my article here.

Your goals & ambitions

Perhaps one of the most important steps to attracting a Scorpio man is to prove to him that you are independent and that you have a career, and life goals. If you are trying to attract Scorpio man online then be sure to convey this in your profile.

Scorpios are naturally driven people with a clear set of goals in mind for what they want for their career, their financial situation, and a relationship.

Letting him see that you also have goals that are important to you that you are actively striving toward will be an attractive quality to him.

Your independence is attractive

Most Scorpios are also independent and respect this trait in others when they see it.

Due to the highly ambitious nature of the Scorpio, they will want to be with someone who can also help them along the way to achieving their goals and will absolutely not be interested in someone who may be a hindrance to them.

Therefore, if they are attracted to a woman, but feel they may need to look after or support them in some way then this will likely be a big turn-off for a Scorpio.

No Scorpio male will be attracted to a woman who can’t take care of themselves, either physically or financially.

So, letting him see in unspoken terms that you are also financially independent can be a big plus point for a Scorpio as this shows integrity, drive, and independence, which are all characteristics that Scorpio’s admire.

How to attract him through your passion

Passion is also another strong quality on the Scorpio psyche, which they are also drawn to in others. Showing a passion for your ambitions will certainly help to pique his interest in you even further.

If he also gets the impression that you might also be a passionate lover then he will definitely be interested in all the other boxes that are ticked for him. However, absolutely do not fake this with a Scorpio. They are highly intuitive and will pick up on it quickly and see through you quickly if you are faking this.

If you want to keep your Scorpio man attracted to you, it is best to develop that passion naturally within you.

Finding a career, goal, or hobby that you are actually passionate about will go a long way. Even better, if you can develop a passion in an area in which he already has a strong interest it will be a big draw and also something that the two of you can talk intimately about.

If you are wanting to know exactly how to spark his passion and get him intensely interested in you then Anna Kovach takes out all the guesswork for you and explains exactly how you can do it quickly and easily in her book, Scorpio Man Sextrology. We reviewed her latest work here for our readers.

Honesty & integrity

These are qualities that Scorpios naturally want to display in their lives. There will, of course, be some dishonest Scorpio’s out there, just like any other sign. Regardless, these will still be qualities that he will respect, admire.

If you want to know how to attract a Scorpio man then embodying these qualities will make you a lot more attractive in his eyes.

Lying to a Scorpio is never a good idea and can be very hard to recover from so avoid this at all costs.

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Be a little mysterious (just a little)

A little mystery will always grab the interest of a Scorpio man so don’t go all out revealing every aspect of your life and personality straight away.

Keep a few secrets that he can uncover himself, giving him only tidbits of information to keep him digging to find out more.

Scorpio likes to investigate and solve mysteries so if he feels there’s something about you that he needs to uncover then this will certainly help to shift his attention onto you.

two women attracted to the same Scorpio man

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Other important points to attract him

If you want to know how to attract a Scorpio man then you also need to be aware that you may face a lot of competition and that your desired Scorpio will probably be pursued by a few other women who have the same intentions as you do.

Get the upper hand by giving him something to chase and separate yourself from the crowd. But don’t make him chase too long or too hard or he might get bored with the game and turn his attentions to one of the other women around him.

Initially, it’s fun for a Scorpio, but it can get wearing after a while.

Scorpio man can be shy at first. Be prepared to spend some time unraveling his layers, and make sure that he thinks that everything is his idea.

He likes to be in control and won’t like being told what to do but at the same time will enjoy knowing and understanding what you want.

Telling him so can also show your confident side in not being afraid to ask him for what you want.

The Qualities & Characteristics That Scorpio Men Find Attractive

Sex appeal

Scorpio men love women with strong sex appeal. There’s something about a smoldering look coupled with playful confidence that Scorp’s just can’t resist.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to look like Michelle Keegan or Kendall Jenner to get a Scorpio man interested in you. In fact, there is a huge difference between beauty and attractiveness.

Beauty pretty much comes down to the physical side of a person and how physically appealing they may be to another person. There is only so much you can do to improve your physical beauty.

However, attractiveness more comes down to qualities, characteristics, and the little things you do that stir up all those attraction chemicals in another person.

The good news is, there are virtually no limits to how attractive you can make yourself by improving and incorporating traits into your personality.

This includes how you carry and hold yourself, the pace and tone of which you speak, your facial expressions, attitude, body language, how you dress, your energy, and confidence, to name but a few.

Be subtly flirtatiousness

a man and a woman who are attracted to each other at the beach

Scorpio guys are also attracted to flirtatious women. However, not the kind of woman who will flirt with every guy in the office. No.

If a Scorp sees you flirting with every guy in sight, he won’t take you seriously and when you flirt with him, he’ll think that you just do that with everyone. Either that or he’ll think you’re a slut.

What I mean is, they are attracted to women who have the confidence in themselves to flirt with them in a subtle, playful, and fun way.

Scorp’s love a mystery to solve, especially if it has some kind of sexual connotation towards a woman they like.

Using a little sexual ambiguity in the early stages of flirting where he is not quite sure if your words are innocent or if you actually meant the sexual ambiguity, is a great place to start.

This will get him thinking about you and trying to figure out if you are actually flirting with him.

Then, as you get to know him, you can start to flirt more overtly.

A subtle touch on his hand or shoulder, a lingering gaze ever so slightly longer than is normal, and exploring his face with your eyes while he is talking are also great non-verbal ways to begin flirting with him.

If you want to be able to flirt with a Scorpio in such a way that instantly turns him on and makes him mysteriously attracted to you may be interested to discover Scorpio Man Sextrology. You can read about it here.

Passion is attractive

Scorp’s love a girl with a passion. Your passion can be about anything really, it’s more about demonstrating that you have the ability to feel strong enough emotions in your body to get passionate about something.

Scorpio guys are passionate creatures themselves, so if they see that you also have this capacity then subconsciously they’ll think that you could also get passionate about them and also with them in the bedroom.

Be mysterious

As mentioned above, Scorpio men have a mysterious side and can also be somewhat secretive until they feel they can open up to someone.

This mysterious streak also extends to a strong interest in most subjects that one would consider mysterious. They like to ponder the deeper meaning of life and take an interest in trying to solve things that fascinate them.

So, if he also perceives you as somewhat mysterious then he’ll be intrigued by you. Don’t tell him everything about yourself at once, but instead, leave a few things for him to find out.

Scorp’s also become more intrigued by women who don’t blow their own trumpet and shout about their achievements. But instead, allow him to be revealed gradually in conversation over time.

Be playful & Fun

a man and a woman chatting over a glass of wine and taking an interest in each other

Scorpio guys also like women who have a fun, happy, and playful side to them.

Scorp’s can either be somewhat shy or just a little too reserved toward women they don’t know very well, especially if they find her attractive in any way.

So, if you come across as a happy and friendly person who is fun to be around, he’ll feel much more at ease with you and will open up to you much more quickly.

Besides this, if he sees the fun side of you, he’ll then start thinking of all the fun things the two of you can do together, especially once you start flirting with him.

Honesty is attractive

Both males and females alike, Scorpios never forget when they’re scorned in even the most minor of ways; they can hold a grudge like no other.

No matter how small your “little white lies” may seem, they can absolutely ruin any chance of longevity with your hopeful male Scorpio partner so make sure you are honest with him.

While a bit of mystery is important, it should never come in the form of obscured truth. Otherwise, you’re bound to be seen as an enemy rather than a potential lover.

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Challenge him

When it comes to Scorp’s, there’s always something of a “cat and mouse” game when it comes to winning his heart. They are always most intrigued by partners that occasionally play hard to get. You’ll also win favor with him if he has to work for your affections a bit as well.

If you’re overly servile or ingratiating, it’s going to be an uphill battle to ever earn any respect with a Scorpio guy and he may soon get bored. It’s important that a Scorpio ultimately is able to see you as their equal, so you’re going to have to work towards that very carefully.

If you think you may need more guidance on this then see my article here.

Give him his Space

By nature, Scorpio men like their distance. It can take them quite a long time to open up and trust someone. The warmth and loyalty you can experience once you’ve become a welcome part of their inner circle are second to none, but you can’t seem as if you’re too eager to get to that point.

In modern terms, that means easing off constant texts or phone calls. You might even want to hesitate when it comes to doling out too many “likes” and “favorites” on his social media profiles.

Be sure to refrain from long lists of questions about his personal affairs as well, and do everything you can to avoid telling him he should change any specific habits or traits. Let him be himself, and play it cool!

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Final Thoughts

In the beginning, it will be your physical appearance and your sex appeal that will get the initial interest of the Scorpio guy you’ve got your sights on. However, he will want to see that there is also more depth to your personality and character if anything serious is going to arise between the two of you.

Show him you have goals and passions that are important to you and that you are not a needy person that will be reliant on him in any way for financial, social, or emotional support.

Show your honesty and integrity and let him know that you also have a caring, nurturing side. Scorp’s respect these qualities and prefer to be with women who naturally have these characteristics.

Bear in mind that if you are pursuing a Scorp, you will likely have some competition on your hands. This can sometimes be hard to deal with as your pursuing him is made all the more difficult by his hard-to-read nature.

The last thing you want to do is the wrong thing without realizing and lose your opportunity with him forever to another woman.

To discover exactly how to attract a Scorpio man and get a huge advantage over your competition without all the guesswork, discover exactly how to ignite his passion for you in the revealing insights laid out in astrologer, Anna Kovach’s book here.

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