Cosmic Compatibility Reading Shows The Future of You & a Loved One?

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a couple embraces in a loving hug outsiteThe other day I came across what I thought at first, was a fun little cosmic compatibility reading, but it actually turned out to be much more than that…

A Cosmic Compatibility sign reading is an ancient Mayan astrological reading.

It is like a blueprint of your relationship potential with another person based on your dates of birth and your names.

I came across it at and by entering my name, date of birth, and the name and date of birth of my partner it quickly whizzed up a fascinating little reading of our relationship, for free!

I was actually really impressed with the info so I wanted to share it with my readers here on my blog.

The Cosmic Compatibility Reading – An Overview

What do you get in the initial free reading?

So, when I first put my info in I got a few detailed pages telling me all about the two energetic characters that are the foundational basis of our relationship, according to the ancient Mayans.

These two characteristics are referred to as the Outer Aspect and the Inner Aspect.

The Outer Aspect is the way our relationship appears to other people in the outside world. I must say, I was quite surprised to discover how others (for the most part) viewed us as a couple.

I was a bit dubious at first so I showed it to a friend of mine and she said that’s pretty much exactly how she saw us together! Hmm, I was starting to get more intrigued by this…

The next part talked about the Inner Aspect, which is what is at the core of our relationship and how we both feel inside. It delves into what is really important to you in the relationship.

a couple in a fun and playful relationship

How does all this work?

According to the astrology readers at, the ancient Mayans used an extremely complex code based on the movements of the cosmos more than 1000 years ago. This code is still as accurate today as it was all those years ago.

So, they say that the Mayans believed that there exists a distinct and dynamic energetic presence between two people when they come together in a relationship.

This energetic presence apparently has different stages during its lifespan, which comprise a unique purpose and the challenges and strengths associated with that purpose.

So, according to this Mayan system, each person has their own unique energetic signature or sign number.

When two people come together and their energetic signs are calculated using the mathematical Mayan formula, the two signatures are combined into a new energetic signature, which represents all the aspects of the relationship, the good and the bad, all the potential challenges, how to avoid them to ensure a happy, harmonious and thriving relationship and so forth.

When you explore your unique relationship’s energetic profile and bring yourselves into balance with it, it then permits both of you to resonate with each other on a more profound level, and in so doing, it is said to bring about an awareness of the greater reason why the two of you have come together in a relationship.

What’s in the extended reading?

After I had absorbed all the info from the free part of the reading I was pretty curious to find out exactly what was in the extended reading so I had to take the plunge.

I was pleasantly surprised that I got far more than I bargained for, and it wasn’t expensive at all, in fact, it was very reasonable!

If you also decide to go for the extended reading, you get a 60-page Cosmic Compatibility report with detailed info all about your relationship.

The Cosmic Timeline details exactly what you can expect from your relationship with your partner over a period of 78 years, so as you can imagine, there is quite a bit of detail here.

It first starts out talking about all the crap you both brought into the relationship and how to clear it if you haven’t done so already. Once it is all cleared, you can both start enjoying a richer and more fulfilling relationship with each other with a deeper level of connection.

a woman layin on top of her boyfriend on the bedThen, there is detailed info on the Yin supporting aspects of your relationship, it is the pillar of emotion, intuition, and the more magical aspects of your connection.

This pillar is said to offer the key to unlocking the supportive and intuitive aspects of the connection with your partner and the deeper emotional aspects of your bond. It details exactly what you both are really good at together in the relationship.

The Yang pillar represents the challenges you may face and is also concerned with the more cerebral qualities of logic and reason, your level of focus, and your mission together.

Basically, this helps to give you a deeper understanding of the higher Cosmic intent behind your relationship and your mission together in the material world. It will also help to highlight any challenges that the two of you may face.

There is quite a bit more in the report which I still have yet to explore, but so far I’m pretty hooked on it! It’s like having a roadmap to follow for your relationship; pretty cool!

If this has at all sparked your curiosity then I recommend getting at least the free Cosmic Compatibility reading to see how you like it.

It may not resonate with you at all, but if you find that it is just scary-accurate as I did, then you may find yourself drawn to find out more in the full reading. You can get your Cosmic reading here.

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