What Attracts Scorpio Men To A Woman?

an attractive couple

an attractive coupleIf you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of an Earth-shattering crush on a Scorpio male, you’re likely well versed in just how challenging they can be to figure out so you can get them interested in you too. Scorpios are famously difficult to “decode” and ultimately win over, so many woman resort to getting the advantage over him and any other woman who may also be interested in him by using the methods in this article here.

In the article, we talk about the keys to instantly making yourself more attractive to him. By following the tips below, you just might stand a chance with the Scorpio man of your dreams.

Keys To Attracting A Scorpio Man

You need to challenge him

When it comes to Scorp’s, there’s always something of a “cat and mouse” game when it comes to winning his heart. They are always most intrigued by partners that occasionally play hard to get. You’ll also win favor with him if he has to work for your affections a bit as well.

If you’re overly servile or ingratiating, it’s going to be an uphill battle to ever earn any respect with a Scorpio guy and he may soon get bored. It’s important that a Scorpio ultimately is able to see you as their equal, so you’re going to have to work towards that very carefully. If you think you may need more guidance on this then see our article here.

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Give Him Some Space

By nature, Scorpio men like their distance. It can take them quite a long time to open up and trust someone. The warmth and loyalty you can experience once you’ve become a welcome part of their inner circle is second to none, but you can’t seem as if you’re too eager to get to that point.

In modern terms, that means easing off of constant texts or phone calls. You might even want to hesitate when it comes to doling out too many “likes” and “favorites” on his social media profiles. Be sure to refrain from long lists of questions about his personal affairs as well, and do everything you can to avoid telling him he should change any specific habits or traits. Let him be himself, and play it cool!

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Both male and female alike, Scorpios never forget when they’re scorned in even the most minor of ways; they can hold a grudge like no other. No matter how small your “little white lies” may seem, they can absolutely ruin any chance of longevity with your hopeful male Scorpio partner so make sure you are honest with him. While a bit of mystery is important, it should never come in the form of obscured truth. Otherwise, you’re bound to be seen as an enemy rather than a potential lover.

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Finally, it’s important to remember that Scorpios are considered the most sexually charged of the entire astrological spectrum. That doesn’t mean that’s all they want by any means, but you’ll be well served by attempting to match their intense passion whenever the mood may strike. Even a bit of buildup and teasing can go a long way when it comes to sparking the desires of Scorpio males. With that in mind, keep your conversations light and take every opportunity you see to work in a bit of playful and suggestive flirting.

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With these tips in mind, you should be far better prepared for winning the heart of your Scorpio man. Just remember that it’s not always going to be easy, especially at first! With a little patience, however, you can easily build towards the most rewarding relationship you could possibly imagine.

What Attracts Scorpio Men To A Woman?
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