Scorpio Man Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

the zodiac signs

the zodiac signsFor those considering dating a Scorpio man, it is a natural wondering to want to know what the coupling will be like if the two of you get together.

Here in this article, we will give you an overview of the sexual couplings between a Scorpio man and the different signs of the zodiac according to the sun sign. However, it is important to realize that the sun sign only gives an overview of the compatibility. For example, not every Scorpio man is exactly the same, not every Taurus woman is exactly the same, etc. Therefore, it is also important to look at yours and your partner’s moon and rising signs to get a more accurate picture of the potential coupling between the two of you.

For the most accurate information on what you can expect from a coupling with a Scorpio man sexually, see our review of Scorpio Man Sextrology, here.

Scorpio Compatibility With Other Star Signs (Sun Signs)

Scorpio Man & Aires Woman

This pair may not necessarily embody the ideals of one another, however, they both have a defiant nature which can be a strong cause of intrigue for one another. A Scorpio man and an Aires woman together can be quite a disruptive duo with a somewhat complicated sex life as both signs have a tendency to be hot and full on, to say the least. Due to this nature, the two may delight in exploring erotic fantasies and even addictive sexual tendencies together in a harmonious way. To learn more about their sex life, click here.

Scorpio Man & Taurus Woman

both the signs of Scorpio and Taurus are considered highly sexual in bed, which can spark a strong sexual attraction between the two of them from day one. However, Taurus’ association with sexuality is not the same as Scorpio’s. This is because Taurus’ sexuality is more linked to sensuality and the Scorpio, raw, sexual passion. As a result, the two can have a deep connection based on intimacy, love and emotions.

For a deeper insight into this connection, see our article on Scorpio man and Taurus woman compatibility.

Scorpio Man & Gemini Woman

The coupling between a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman is an interesting one. If there’s an attraction between the two then Scorpio can often feel captivated, even mesmerized by a Gemini woman. Scorpio often has the tendency to move towards the darkness. however, Gemini will be able to draw him out towards the light, which can be transformational for Scorpio. In turn, the Scorpio male provides a reliant energy for Gemini. In bed, they can often indulge in extravagant fantasies together. Here is more info on the sex life of a Scorpio and Gemini.

Scorpio Man & Cancer Woman

Due to both being water signs, Cancarian women can often have an instantaneous effect on a Scorp male and he will often treat her like a princess. Cancer is a sign that is definitely not concerned by a Scorpio’s mysterious and somewhat dark side. If a Cancer woman and Scorp male are together then it is rarely a casual affair. Sex between these two can be energetic and vigorous, but at the same time, Cancer brings the sensitive and more intimate side of the connection.

Scorpio Man & Leo Woman

A coupling between these two zodiac signs can often be a stressful affair. Female Leo’s are often in need to prove themselves to others and are intent on achieving success, as are Scorpio males. Between these two there can often be heated arguments. While the Leo woman may find the sexual fantasies or a Scorpio male somewhat risqué, she may very well indulge in them with him out of curiosity and to satisfy her own need for passion. We’ve written more info about their sex life here.

Scorpio Men & Virgo Women

Virgo women can often be complex by nature, although they are very open and easily read by others. When it comes to sex the Scorpio male is in control and the Virgo woman enjoys being guided. However, in other areas of their relationship, it can often be difficult to find a middle ground between the two.

When it comes to sex, there can be a dominant/submissive role, where the Scorp male is dominant and his Virgo lover is willing to be submissive to him. Here is more info on the sexual dynamic between Scorpio and Virgo.

Scorpio Man & Libra Woman

There are a fair few similarities between these two zodiac signs, which means they often find it easy to connect. Neither sign is used to surrendering to another person, however, they can both usually disarm each other easily to find a balance.
When it comes to sex, Libra has a laid-back attitude, which means the Scorpio can relax and slowly be himself as he gets to know her more. See our article on a Libra woman and a Scorpio man in bed for more detailed info on their sex life.

Scorpio Man & Scorpio Woman

A connection between these two can be intense, to say the least. Due to their obsessive nature, there can easily be a sexual obsession of one another as well as an obsession with material things in their outward life. In bed, there can be intense emotions which can lead to high levels of intimacy and connection.

Sex can often be highly intense and passionate between these two. Here is more info on two Scorpio’s in bed.

Scorpio Man & Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius women are often highly desired by others, which is something she would need to play down in front of her Scorp partner to avoid sparking his jealous streak. Scorpio can have a persuasive influence on her and when it comes to sexual experiences, a Sagittarius woman may often pretend that she’s not into the naughty things, but secretly she’s all too willing to try them. Here is more info on this couple between the bed sheets.

Scorpio Man & Capricorn Woman

Not a coupling generally thought to go well. However, a Capricorn woman can feel reassured by his support and willingness to ease her burdens and help her improve her life and provides a great person for her to confide in. Sex is enjoyed the most between the two when it emerges from a heated argument or a deeply inspired conversation. More info on their sex life can be found here.

Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman

When they are together, this couple can become even more anti-social than they may already be when they are alone. They also need to be careful not to let feelings of superiority over others get the better of them. When it comes to sex, they may also be inclined to invite other people into the bedroom. Learn more here.

Scorpio Man & Pisces Woman

When a Scorp male and a Pisces female are together they can experience varying degrees of highs and lows in their relationship and outside things can easily turn into an issue. The Scorp may often find a big benefit in having her around as his financial position can often increase over time with her support. Sex for this couple can be deeply emotional and adventurous if the two connect. However, if there is not proper trust established between the two then it can be a little awkward.

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Scorpio Man Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs
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